Bloggers make internet marketing easy with guest posting

One of the most obvious but overlooked ways to find guest blogging opportunities to simply search for them. This is the perfect way to find other websites in a similar field that are also looking for posts.

Guest posts could bring high quality website traffic to your website if it’s done properly. Below is a list of quality websites that accept guest posts.

Top 5 websites where you can submit your guest post:

Rank: Blog: Website: Niche:
1 Best in Australia News
2 Forbes News
3 Purely Themes Web Development
4 HubSpot Marketing
5 The Marketing Folks Marketing


Why you need high quality blogs for your guest posts?

The answer is simple! Everyone is looking for guest posting sites to publish their pitch in order to: get better website traffic, for better search engine results page (SERP) and of course earn money from your website!

What is the way of publishing a gust post?

There are only 3 steps:

  1. Search for quality websites and blogs;
  2. Ask the owner to accept your content;
  3. Write your pitch, submit and wait for the benefits.

What people write in Google in order to find guest posting websites?

Below are the keywords used by most of marketers and web owners.

Keyword phrases used in Google searches:
“guest post” “guest posts wanted”
“write for us” “looking for guest posts”
“guest article” “guest posts wanted”
“this is a guest post by” “guest poster wanted”
“contributing writer” “accepting guest posts”
“want to write for” “writers wanted”
“submit blog post” “articles wanted”
“contribute to our site” “become an author”
“guest column” “become guest writer”
“submit content” “become a contributor”
“submit your content” “submit guest post”
“submit post” “submit an article”
“This post was written by” “submit article”
“guest post courtesy of ” “guest author”
“guest posting guidelines” “contributing writer”
“suggest a post” “submit news”
“submit an article” “become a guest blogger”
“contributor guidelines” “guest blogger”


List of Blogs that allow guest posting:

Below is a freshly updated list of websites where you can submit your articles. The list is in descending order by DA – Domain Authority measured by domain authority.

DA Blog Website Submission Niche
81 Best in Australia Submit News
94 Forbes Submit News
91 HubSpot Submit Marketing
87 Life Hack Submit Psychology
75 Readwrite Submit Technology
73 The Huffington Post Submit News
72 Scary Mommy Submit Parenting
46 Purely Themes Submit Web Development
41 Incredible Planet Submit Technology
41 Daily Scanner Submit Marketing
30 Sash and Jayd Submit Lifestyle
29 Big Guest Posting Submit General
26 The Marketing Folks Submit Marketing
25 Action Talking Submit Marketing

What are the benefits of submitting guest posts?

Creating a popular website can be an extremely rewarding experience that gives people a true sense of accomplishment. It can also be a very tedious thing to achieve, especially for those who are inexperienced.

Guest posting websites with addresses
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There are many different factors to think about such as web design, page creation and content creation to name a few. It is also equally important to implement strategies that will increase the chances that a page will be visited.

The more visitors there are, the more likely it is that newsletter subscribers will grow, that products will be bought and that services will be solicited. The strategies used to promote organic discoverability are commonly known as SEO (search engine optimisation) techniques.

These techniques can be implemented through both on page and off page measures and work to increase the chances that a site will be ranked on the first page of search engine results. This tactic is commonly referred to as increasing the search engine results page or SERP rank of a website.

This avenue of digital marketing is vital, especially for small businesses who would otherwise struggle to stand out in an increasingly crowded internet marketplace. Search engine optimisation is one of the best ways a smaller website can maximise its potential traffic.

Research studies have shown that search engine users rarely scroll past the first page of results, often finding what they are looking for in the first 3 or 4 websites that are listed. Furthermore, it is important to be featured in results that are relevant to the website itself.

For example, an IT company would want to show up for search queries that are seeking IT support in their local area. Different search terms may be used such as “I need help with my computer” or “IT support + your city”, so it is also important as a website to show up in several different search results.

An easy, off page technique that many people implement is guest posting, which refers to posting a blog on another relevant website. This article will explore guest blogging further, as well as how to best implement this method to increase a site’s organic visibility.

What is a guest post and why is it useful?

A guest post can be a blog post that has already been created and featured on a website. Another site will then share this post on their own blog with credits and links to the original creator. This can be a powerful strategy to use as it can build business relationships with other brands and is also a great way to post regular content without having to personally create it.

The original post creator can also be contacted to swap an article, meaning that each site will share each other’s posts in a mutually beneficial way. This method is popular as it will help build a strong backlink profile.

A strong and healthy backlink profile means that when a page is shared elsewhere on the web it is then more likely to be noticed by Google and rewarded with a higher rank in search engine results. A backlink to a website suggests to Google that the page is of a high enough quality that it is being organically referenced on other sites, adding to its overall authority.

Search engine providers like Google are always trying to improve their service by delivering the highest quality search results to its users. Indexing algorithms used by search engines evaluate the content of a website based on a wide variety of factors each with varying levels of importance.

The indexing algorithm also considers the URL or domain of a webpage and where it appears elsewhere on the internet. Google has previously stated that the presence of outbound links, commonly known as backlinks, is one of its more influential SERP ranking factors.

This is why guest posting is such a popular method in attempting to promote the organic visibility of a website. Guest posting is the act of exchanging content with another website in the hopes of it featuring a backlink.

Search engine providers like Google enjoy quality backlinking because it promotes a network of relevant websites that helps its service provide better results. Therefore it’s clear why indexing algorithms reward highly cited websites with better SERP positions.

It is important, however, to only carry out backlinking with other relevant businesses. If the webpage is being backlinked in an insincere way on unrelated sites search engines may register the page as spam. Search engines like Google are known to serve out penalties if they have noticed spam too many times.

This makes the act of pursuing backlinking a double-edged sword as it has the ability to both promote and demote a website depending on the way it is used. While in more primitive versions of indexing algorithms rampant and low quality backlinking may have generated results it is now functionally useless to spam links.

Another common implementation of a guest post can also be in the form of a newly created post to be featured on another website. Again, this is beneficial to both parties as it is working to build a business connection, creating a backlink profile and providing a site with fresh, relevant content.

Essentially, sharing on the web is one of the most powerful techniques that can be used to increase the traffic to a website. Website creators can’t afford not to take advantage of this optimisation technique as creates many flow on effects that snowball into a website that’s highly referenced and thus highly visible.

The more highly cited a website is, the more authoritative it will appear in its relevant field. Recognition by search engines also means recognition by customers who will subconsciously see the website as reputable.

How do you get started with guest blogging?

How to get started with guest posts
Photo: Nelli Kovalchuk, Bigstock

A great first step is to make a list of relevant sites that make sense for the content to be featured on. The company doesn’t have to be exactly the same, but it is important to be roughly in the same field or topic area.

For example, a page dedicated to a local bakery may include recipe websites on their list. The list can include businesses that are big or small, but it is a good idea to include some reputable candidates.

The list itself can also include many options or a few depending on how much effort someone is prepared to put in. A large list isn’t necessarily a better one as a smaller list filled with highly reputable websites will perform better than a long list of forgettable sites.

Success here will ultimately depend on the quality of the content, its relevance and how likely it is that a reputable website will offer a backlink for it.

Once this is finalised, the next step is to contact the different websites that have been outlined. It is important to establish if a whole new article, an article swap or an already established article is going to be put forward.

This proposal can be drawn up in an email and can be sent across to the selected businesses. It can be a great idea to put the benefits in the email that the other business will experience such as building a backlink profile and gaining a new business connection.

Another great step is to research what kind of articles are the most shared in that field. This way research can be presented to the other party, so they can clearly see the benefits of featuring the proposed content.

It is also a great way to get writing ideas from posts that are already proven to be highly cited. While, of course, writing needs to be original, it is a good idea to see what users like to read and what they don’t. There are different types of software that can research this; many of them are often used by professional digital marketing companies.

Once a proposal has been sent, it is perfectly acceptable to send a follow up email after a week or so if there is no reply. Even if a business does not wish to participate in a guest blog, they may have another arrangement in mind that will benefit both parties such as recorded interviews for their audience, or co-creation of a product.

Whatever the outcome, it is known that more business opportunities will arise, and the most important step is to reach out. It’s important to ask but also to be polite and not to jeopardise business relationships with poor manners.

Too difficult? There is another way to get started your guest posting journey, you might use one of SEO agencies which do link building.

Do the benefits outweigh the work put in?

While this kind of posting can require a bit of time and effort, the benefits can absolutely outweigh the work put in. One of the greatest outcomes is when good quality, organic website traffic increases.

This is why it is so important to only build relationships with relevant establishments. It is also important to build connections with best marketing leaders. Visitors who are going to come across from the other site are going to be genuinely interested in that area. This means that they will be more likely to sign up, to become clients or to become customers.

Furthermore, it is a great way to improve copywriting skills. Providing lots of different posts for different places means that a writing style will be developed, and important skills will be enhanced.

When the quality of writing becomes enhanced it is more likely that businesses will notice the increase in quality and that further backlinking opportunities will come along. Naturally, more users will also begin to voluntarily share content that they have engaged with because of its high quality.

Alternatively, many people use the guest posting method to grow their social media following. Instead of linking a post back to their website, they will link it back to their Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram or another social media channel of their choice.

Many people use this technique to gain a substantial following on their social media accounts which can often result in brand endorsement deals.  The amount of effort that is put into this method is up to the individual however it is well known that there are many benefits that can be taken advantage of.

What are some ways to implement this type of posting into a digital marketing plan?

As it can be seen there are many benefits to be gained from this type of content development and many people wish to know how to implement these strategies into their digital marketing plans. A great and simple way is to put aside two or three hours a week for writing high quality articles.

An extra thirty minutes or an hour a week could be put aside for researching and contacting relevant brands and to start building a backlinking network. It is highly efficient to schedule these events into a calendar that will pop up with a reminder.

This way, a clear space will be put aside each week, and substantial results will be gained. Once results are seen and good writing habits are built, these pockets of time per week can gradually increase. When it gets to the point where there are more opportunities than hours in the schedule, many people seek out the support of a digital marketing agency.

A good digital marketing agency is able to take over the whole process and is likely to facilitate contact with more relevant, reputable brands. An agency is even able to create the posts with their own team of copywriters, so all of the hard work is taken out of the equation.

Furthermore, digital marketing professionals are able to include keywords which are another SEO technique that is known to increase visibility and ranking results. Keywords are the relevant terms that users browse the internet with as they suggest the type of content they are looking for.

The research and clever implementation of keywords is one of the core benefits of utilising a digital marketing agency. It is well known that the best way to receive as many SEO benefits as possible is through taking advantage of the services of a digital marketing agency.

You can find opportunities through a simple Google search

One of the most obvious but overlooked ways to find guest blogging opportunities to simply search for them. This is the perfect way to find other websites in a similar field that are also looking for posts.

Google Search
Photo: Simon/Pixabay

There are even many websites and forums on the internet that are entirely dedicated to connecting relevant sites to each other. There are over 1 billion websites currently live so it is highly likely that no matter the field, there will always be another person out there looking to collaborate.

There are also many Facebook groups that are dedicated to sharing posts as well as other types of collaboration. These groups are filled with writers who are looking to establish meaningful connections that can prove to be mutually beneficial.

Some examples of terms that can be searched for is “guest posting wanted for health and wellness” “guest posts needed for lawyers” or “guest blogs lifestyle niche”. The possibilities are truly endless.

Another great thing to do via Google search is to look for a role model in the relevant field. There are many high profile people out there who have built extremely successful businesses purely from sharing blogs. Finding their sites and posts is a great way to get an idea of how it is done, and ideas can be developed on how to personally implement these techniques.

For many people, finding opportunities is tiring and stressful. This is when online users turn to professional digital agencies.

Online marketing agencies are able to use their special programs to find other relevant people to collaborate with who already have a widely viewed page. The agency operates its business based on its ability to achieve these outcomes and can do it more efficiently than anyone else can.

Seeking the support of an expert team is the perfect way to get all of the benefits of blog sharing without the added stress or burn out. One person can only do so much but an experienced team can deliver results that might not have previously been considered feasible.

Seeking out the support of a professional

What is SEO
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A professional digital marketer is able to perform in-depth research that will ensure that the best brands are contacted to collaborate with. This is done by establishing what the desired target audience is and working with brands that have a similar audience.

Furthermore, most expert agencies are a Google partner, which means they have access to SEO methods that are reputable and do not generate spam. This is important as when strategies are used incorrectly, search engine providers such as Google, Yahoo or Bing can serve out penalties or register a site as spam.

Because of the high risk and reward, many people opt for seeking the support of a professional to carry out the work for them. The great thing about this is that there are all different types of SEO packages offered by agencies that can cater to any budget.

It is important to find a respectable agency, however, as there are many organisations that will promise all sorts of unrealistic outcomes and will charge outlandish costs. Even though there are many upsides to perusing support, it is imperative to find an agency that is known to garner results.

There are unfortunately many unprofessional organisations out there, so it is important to read feedback and to chat with a business before hiring them. The last thing anyone wants it to be stuck with an agency that uses disreputable or ‘black hat’ online marketing techniques that leave their client’s website with a poor reputation.

The services of a professional digital marketing agency are highly coveted because they are dedicated to providing an effective means to improve organic visibility for clients. A good agency understands that search engine optimisation is a constantly evolving discipline of digital marketing that requires constant attentiveness in order to succeed.

In conclusion, this article has explored many different aspects of online post sharing. While it is an extremely powerful tool that many people have had much benefit from, there are many more SEO techniques out there that will also promote organic discoverability.

The world of search engine optimisation is vast and is also ever changing. There is backlinking to think about, content creation, domain names, tags, headings, infographics, picture quality and just so much more.

All of these different methods share a similar goal; to appease the indexing algorithms of search engines, primarily Google. As these algorithms get smarter, they get better establishing and enforcing parameters that reward relevant, high quality content.

As previously stated, proper backlinking gives search engines content that is of high quality and highly relevant within its category. This process benefits search engines, users and the websites that engage in it.

Backlinking is likely to remain a highly effective SEO strategy as the focus on quality and relevance is maintained by search engines. This is why digital marketing professionals have been able to spend so much time refining and perfecting the process for their clients.

Because of the depth of search engine optimisation, it is a wise move to seek help, especially for beginners who might become easily overwhelmed. This help can be in the form of putting aside time each week to personally research methods or it could be spending time on Google’s website to further understand how their algorithms work.

Help can also mean purchasing a package from an online digital agency or it could be hiring an assistant to help with the small things such as sharing web pages onto social media platforms. There are several different paths available to promote online visibility but all of them require accurate research and careful work.

Failing to dedicate time and resources to digital marketing can result in a perfectly good webpage being left dead in the water. To avoid having a stagnant website, it is imperative to improve visitor numbers and one great way to do this is through guest posting.


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