Who are the best criminal lawyers in Sydney, NSW?

Sydney's top-rated criminal defence lawyers & solicitors; defending felonies, federal crimes, drug charges, fraud, financial, white collar, & criminal.

Criminal law - best solicitors
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Criminal law can be hard to navigate. It involves looking closely at the evidence at hand and how the criminal law as it stands today ties into each individual situation.

Who are the best criminal lawyers in Sydney?

Below is a list of the top 5 criminals lawyers in Sydney that you can turn to if you require a strong criminal defence lawyer:

No.: Lawyer: Contact:
1 Samira Friis www.osullivanlegal.com.au
2 Franco Pomare www.thenortonlawgroup.com.au
3 Elizabeth Ross www.lawyersplus.com.au
4 Joseph Nashed www.ajilaw.com.au
5 Michael Blair www.blaircriminallawyers.com.au


#1 Samira Friis

Samira Friis is a criminal lawyer at O’Sullivan Legalwww.osullivanlegal.com.au. Fully qualified, she has a Juris Doctor degree from UTS in 2016.

Ms Friis is passionate about law and specialises in all areas of family and criminal law. She champions the cause for being an advocate for individuals who need fair representation in areas including child custody, divorce proceedings and family financial outcomes. In terms of criminal law, her experience has seen her stand up for the rights of her clients facing a range of serious charges and to ensure a fair and just outcome for the accused.

Her experience has seen her work in all areas of law from the ground up. Prior to her admission to the bar, she worked as a paralegal for 3 years and worked on a variety of cases in relation to transactional law and residential property.

Whether it is matters involving the family court or criminal offenses in the Local Court and District Court, Ms Friis is involved in the end-to-end activities in a proceeding.

Samira Friis works hard to ensure to uphold the legislation around criminal law to allow individuals to live in a society where we have clear regulations as to how to interact with others and businesses. She believes it provides us with a set of rules that places all of us a on an “equal playing field” and stops us from taking the law into our own hands.

She advises her clients that when we feel that a criminal act has been committed against us or if we feel that we need defending for a criminal matter, it’s important to turn to a lawyer that specialises in criminal law. Ms Friis understands exactly how the criminal law system works and how to interpret any ongoing changes to legislation.

She has extensive knowledge of not just criminal law, but the Sydney court system. During her time as a criminal lawyer, she has come across a range of difference cases, which involved a deep understanding of any changes to the legal process in Sydney.

She sits a variety of committees that aim to promote legal justice. She is passionate about ensuring that the highest quality of advice is given to her clients to get the best outcome for them. She takes her time to explain the process to her clients so they understand how proceedings will impact them from the outset.

Ms Friis prides herself on always making the time to see her clients and meet their needs, which includes updating them on what is happening with their case at all stages of the process. When it comes to the analyzing evidence, she is a highly trained drafter of submissions, and well experienced in negotiations.

Her success rate in criminal law is something that she is well known for among her clients and the legal industry. She focuses on ensuring her clients avoid having criminal records recorded, and focuses on the final verdict to be one that finds her clients not guilty or one that involves rehabilitation.

As a courageous lawyer, you will be in good and safe hands with Samira Friis if you are facing criminal charges. She is your best defence when it comes to representation in the criminal law system.

#2 Franco Pomare

Franco Pomare Lawyer
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Franco Pomare is the Principal and Co-Fonder of the Norton Law Groupwww.thenortonlawgroup.com.au. He is highly experienced and knowledgeable in areas of Family law, as demonstrated in his accreditation as a Law Society Accredited Family Law specialist.

As a well regarded family lawyer in Sydney, he specialises in all areas that involve the family law system, such as de factor and marriage law. He has decades of experience in representing clients on issues involving relationship breakdowns, property splits, custody law and child support legislation.

His clients have come from a range of high profile and well known business clients. He has appeared regularly in the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Circuit Court at Sydney and Parramatta.

As a local Sydney lawyer, he is well adverse in processes involving the Supreme Court of NSW and District Courts of NSW.

His experience has seen him represent clients in overseas Family Law proceedings including the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, US, Italy and New Zealand.

His work sees him regularly travel interstate to represent clients in various family law cases.

Besides family law, Franco Pomare also is experienced in litigation law, such as cases involving estates and will disputes.

As Principal at The Norton Law Group, Mr Pomare overseas the team and ensures that all cases are represented in the most professional and experienced manner for all clients.

He applies his deep understanding knowledge of family law in an analytical and practical manner to achieve the best negotiated outcomes and provides a high-level service for clients when representing them inside and outside the courtroom.

Franco Pomare is specialised in the areas of family law that can appear quite complex and sensitive. When it comes to representing clients in matters of children, he ensures that his approach makes his clients feel in control. He does this by keeping them up to date on the progress of a case throughout the process.

He understands that a part of being a professional lawyer is to be empathetic to a client’s situation. Not all cases are the same, and Mr Pomare uses his experience to gather a deep understand of each individual case and its needs.

Relationship law can be a sensitive area to deal with for clients. From financial matters, including property, trusts, children, child support, superannuation, pre-nuptial agreements and divorce, Mr Pomare understands the advanced skill set that is needed in these areas of law.

Franco Pomare combines his high-level understand of the law with a realistic approach that ensures his clients are getting the best outcome, every time. As a skilled negotiator, he knows which avenues are the best to go down in order to be the best advocate for his clients.

Where possible, Mr Pomare looks to help his clients resolve the matter at hand, particularly in matters of family law, without needing to go through the adversarial court process. His focus is on getting his client’s the best result without complicating a sometimes already complicated separation or child custody issue.

With all cases being dealt with in a cost effective and time efficient manner, Franco Pomare provides succinct and clear advice so his clients can easily understand where they stand, what happens next and their rights.

Mr Pomare’s clients value his assertive approach to his representation, as well as his caring and professional attitude to their concerns and the case at hand. He is committed to getting his clients a fair and just legal service, from the initial consultation to the end outcome.


#3 Elizabeth Ross

lawyers plus
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Elizabeth Ross is Senior Associate at Lawyers Plus with over 15 years experience in criminal law. As one of Sydney’s leading criminal law specialists, she has a strong background in this complex, sensitive and changing area of law.

Elizabeth Ross is passionate about providing her clients with the strongest and most professional representation at all times. She has a reputation of always putting her client’s needs first and getting the best outcome, with the least hassle and stress to her clients.

In addition, Ms Ross sits on a number of committees, and is a passionate ambassador on criminal justice issues impacting the community. With her extensive experience in defending clients in a range of accused offenses, including drug offenses, theft, murder and commercial crime, she has a high-level success rate that has given her the reputation for being one of the leading criminal lawyers in Sydney.

Elizabeth Ross has defended clients in the Children’s Court, Magistrate Court, as well as all the way to the Supreme and High Courts. As a highly qualified solicitor in submissions, she has also worked on many appeal cases in the Court of Appeal. Due to her experience in a range of courts, she has a loyal client base and does her utmost to ensure she gets them the outcome they want and deserve.

For the past 10 years, Ms Ross has solely focused on defending clients in matters of criminal law. She has spent years in many leading law firms in the CBD. She has appeared in a range of case that also see her act on behalf of clients interstate.

She brings with her years of extensive legal experience before she was admitted to the bar. She has worked in a range of legal firms as a legal secretary, before completing her qualifications in mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

As a skilled mediator and dispute resolution professional, this skill set has seen her grow into one of the best negotiators in the legal industry, making her an excellent advocate for clients in both the metropolitan and regional court jurisdictions across the country.

Elizabeth Ross has also volunteered at a number of legal centers across the country, and is a regular “go to” expert in the media on matters involving criminal law. She has written a number of advice driven articles on areas involving commercial law. She combines her love for the law and writing to give her clients the best chance of thriving in their individual situation.

She has a firm commitment to providing the best expert advice to a client before, during and after their involvement in the criminal justice system. To ensure she is providing her clients the best representation possible, she maintains a strong working relationship with key people within the justice system.

She prides herself on being a passionate, understanding and hard working professional. Her number one goal is to always get the best outcome for her client that’s possible.


#4 Joseph Nashed

Joseph Nashed
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As Principal of Aaron Joseph Isaacs Lawyers – www.ajilaw.com.au, he has decades of experience in criminal law. Since the 1990’s, his career has seen him professionally and successfully represent clients in all areas of criminal law. He is naturally gifted in persuasion. As well as this, he has immaculate attention to detail and preparation, which makes him one of the best practical lawyers when it comes to the courtroom.

His expertise is highly regarded by both colleagues and industry professionals, including magistrates and judges. Over the years, he has earned himself the reputation for being of Australia’s leading criminal lawyers, and has been a leading lawyer on many high profile cases.

He believes in a just and fair outcome for his clients, and belief that everybody deserves a second chance. Through his hard work, dedication and understanding of each individual case that he represents, his success rate for clients has in some instances been unprecedented.

With his enthusiasm for criminal law, and his demonstrated expertise, skill set and knowledge of the legal system, Joseph Isaacs is considered to be one of the best lawyers in Sydney for all matters connected to criminal law. He has appeared in various courts including the County, Supreme and High Court of Australia.

He has a practical and “hands on” approach to his cases, which see him get the best result through listening, understanding and high-level experience.

He has a wealth of knowledge in areas including driving offenses, drug related maters and intervention orders. On a daily basis, he is actively representing clients inside the courtroom, and he takes on matters head on as they arise.

Even though he has been a part of many high profile cases over the years, Mr Isaacs’s dedication comes from wanting to make a difference in people’s lives. He can provide insight into even the most tactical of issues. As a result, Joseph often aims and has successfully achieved settlements that don’t involve going through a trial at court. He wants his clients to know they can rely on his experience and training to always get the best outcome, and not compromise on what is right and fair.

Joseph Isaacs always provides practical advice to any case at hand and is upfront to clients regarding fees and costs. He wants his clients to make the most informed decision possible so they can feel empowered regarding their situation.

Where possible, a plan of action and way forward are always discussed as soon as possible. With a range of winning cases that span throughout his career, he understands the most common to the most complex cases within the criminal justice system.


#5 Michael Blair

michael blair lawyer
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Michael Blair is a criminal defence lawyer from Blair Criminal Lawyers – www.blaircriminallawyers.com.au. He is an accredited Specialist in Criminal Law, and his experience has seen him represent clients in a number of cases in the areas of, but not limited to, carjacking, extortion, fraud, murder and corporate crime and people smuggling.

Over the last decade, he worked successfully in many criminal law jurisdictions. He has experience working in law from small application to local courts, all the way through to the High Court of Australia.

He has experience in working interstate, giving him an in depth knowledge of different criminal jurisdictions. His work has seen him represent clients in not only the CBD, but also regional NSW.

Michael Blair is known for being a practical and attention to detail professional. He has an in depth knowledge of the criminal law system and what it takes to build a logical and winning argument in the courtroom.

No matter how difficult the case at hand may seem, he prides himself on fighting hard to get the best outcome for his clients. It doesn’t matter if the case is small or big, easy or complex, he applies the same fighting sprit and attention to detail to every case.

He expertise in criminal law have seen him regarded as an expert in interpretation of criminal law issues and he is known to give easy to understand explanations to clients and those who are not legally minded. He is a proactive criminal defence lawyer, and ensures he is defending the case throughout the entire process, not just in the courtroom.

He focuses on criminal law and ensures that his services provided are at the highest level in terms of law and process, as well as having the empathy for clients that’s required in many cases involving criminal law.

His passion and dedication to his client, and to always fighting and never giving up, is what makes him a sought after legal professional in Sydney. He is not only qualified, but he has the mind set and drive to match in order to get clients a successful result.

He is passionate about criminal law and sits on a number of panels to act as an ambassador and advocate for criminal law. He is part of the Serious Criminal Law panel and the Children’s Criminal Law panel, which are part of the Legal Aid Commission of NSW.

He is a highly qualified legal professional with a Diploma of Law (Legal Practitioners Admission Board), Bachelor of Business (UTS) and Masters of Commerce (UNSW).