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We care of our website! All our posts are carefully checked with our requirements. We do it because we care of our readers.

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We all know that quality guest posts can play a big role on the internet.
We make sure that all our posts are high quality to our readers.

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We have thousands of visitors per day. Your content will be noticed, read and shared via social media.

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We want to publish good stories and informative content. We benefit from attracting some traffic to our website.

It is one-one deal! You will get your piece of content published on our website with a link to your referral source/page and we will have an interesting story!

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There are only 4 steps:

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We care of our website and we have some quality requirements. Before publishing your content, please check our requirements.

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Submitting Your Articles on Best in AU

Publish your writing on Best in Australia and get it seen by our audience!

Write for us in one of our niche categories and generate a boost to your online profile and domain traffic from targeted leads who are interested in your work.

Who is Best in Australia?

Best in AU is an online collection of articles covering news, topical subjects and interviews with business owners throughout Australia. Our focus is on informative and engaging content for readers to enjoy and share.

After reading a few articles, you’ll understand just what we mean when it comes to engaging information. We understand that today’s readers want short but powerful writing that they can easily share to their friends.

Our range of topics covers areas to suit all reader’s tastes. Whether you are interested in technology, law, beauty, fashion or home renovation we have something topical and interesting for you.

News articles covering world events, sports, politics and the digital world are all available for reading.

Our editorial staff ensures that appropriate, original and high quality writing is the only thing that makes it onto the site. We apply the same standards to all of the work that we publish so that nothing is ever lacking.

The diversity of the content we host as well as the strict guidelines we impose means that both publishers and readers are treated to an environment that promotes meaningful interactions with the articles.

Readers get to enjoy curated content that speaks to their individual tastes. Publishers who write for us get a landscape in which they can freely publish their content to an interested readership.

The open format that has been created for Best in AU welcomes all kinds of readers and writers to come together around the content that matters most to them.

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is, as the name suggests, when someone who is not a hired writer for the website submits their content to be featured. This is a form of cooperation between two entities who want to benefit one another.

Primarily, the transaction between the two entities consists of someone writing content as a guest on another website in exchange for a backlink back to their own. Ideally this is a good trade-off as the site featuring the content is getting free writing, while the writer is getting free exposure.

What’s the advantage of Guest Blogging?

There are several advantages to guest blogging that go beyond the surface level transaction taking place. These advantages include:

Building relationships

This may seem obvious but it is sometimes misunderstood. Building any relationship that’s worthwhile always takes time and this is no different in the blogging world.

Writing high quality content, consistently, is the best way to generate a relationship with a host site and with readers too.  Guest blogging is a great way to get your name out there but only if people see than name regularly and in a good light.

Building authority

Like relationships, building authority also takes time but is well-worth the effort required. A consistent amount of authoritative, well-researched and presented blogs will eventually make audiences consider you an expert in the field.

Having your content curated and published by a professional site like Best in AU is a great kick-start to any writing career. The fact that your work was approved and published indicates to the audience that you are not just a lunatic with a word processor.

Capturing a larger audience

If you’re publishing your post on a larger website then you are going to benefit from the reach that website already enjoys. This gives a chance to create new impressions and drive more traffic to your own site.

This is also true for your social media channels, as linking them in your article will likely see a boost shortly after publishing.

Building a large audience also means an increase in the valuable feedback you will receive. The new audience you are reaching may be more honest with you about your writing than friends or relatives, so they can sometimes be useful in improving your personal writing skills.

Generating quality leads

Publishing your content to a wide audience means a greater chance of it generating business leads for you.

If you’re primarily a writer, then your content may impress someone who wants to hire you for their website. If you’re a gardener who wrote an article about gardening, then maybe you’ll get an inquiry from someone who wants to hire your services.

By having a well-written piece on another website, you have already passed some of the credibility checks someone will make when looking for your business. This means that the leads generated from a guest post will likely be more successful.

For example, the people reading the Best in AU digital world section are already interested in technology; this means the leads you generate from posting there are going to be more valuable than those from random webpages.

Link building

In the world of SEO (search engine optimisation), link building is an important part of increasing the domain authority of your website. This means that having links on other sites, linking to yours, is indicative of your sites’ quality and will help it achieve a higher ranking in Google’s search results. However, please note that our website is not focusing on link building. Our main focus are readers. We reject any posts which are created only for SEO purposes.

Since a guest blog will usually be rewarded with a link back to your site, this method is a common way that people will attempt to build their website profiles to achieve better SEO results.

Because of this fact, a lot of articles can be of low-quality and are spammed around many low-quality content sites. For this reason link-building is only a real benefit if the content and the site it’s being published on are of high quality.

Why guest post on Best in AU?

There are a lot of great reasons to choose Best in AU as a candidate for your articles. Some of these reasons include:

Write for a range of topics

Our wide range of topics covering arts, sports, recreation, technology, home design and more allow for you to be sure that your content fits into one of our categories. It also allows you to experiment with different topics whilst still building a relationship with the same site and user base.

Be recognised as an expert

Our criteria for submissions mean that we only accept content that is well-written and well-researched.  If you have your content published by us then it means that it will be recognised as from an authoritative source.

Because of the nature of Best in AU, featuring your content will imply you are the “Best In Australia” for that field of discussion and promote your online identity to a highly receptive audience.

Build your online profile

Best in AU gives you the chance to generate traffic back to your own domains, whether that is your website or just a social media profile. Our audience is eager to read new and exciting content and they can be converted into regular visitors to your own website.

Think of Best in Australia as a talent show where the stage is yours to impress people with.  Use your time with us wisely and you’ll be rewarded.

With the audience you receive from Best in Australia you can build an online reputation that will eventually allow you to post independently. Make sure that the links you include in your posts are relevant to the topic you’re writing about.

Join a thriving community of writing talent

When you begin to write for us at Best in AU you’ll be joining hundreds of other guest writers who have formed networks around their topic areas.

From this community you can build strong relationships with like-minded writers who can help you discover article ideas or even co-author a piece.

How should you write for us?

At Best in Australia we appreciate that there are many different styles of writing and perspectives that people come from. That said there are a few basic rules to follow to meet out standards.

Above all, focus on quality

It doesn’t matter if you’ve written 700 words or 5,000 words; your content won’t be published if it’s of a poor quality. While some might say that quality is a subjective term, it isn’t for us.

Quality means that your content has reached a certain level of sophistication as to be enjoyed by our audience. It has to communicate its message meaningfully and succinctly.

Accuracy is as important to quality as proper spelling and grammar, not only does information need to be well-presented but it needs to be true as well.

Be original

While you should obviously never plagiarise, you can still slip up by trying to publish something that has been covered by another writer already. Best in AU is designed to provide a one-stop on authoritative information, so a double serving of what is functionally the same article isn’t of interest to us.

A cursory look at our previous articles will save you the embarrassment of submitting an article to us that has already been covered by someone else. For this reason we encourage writers not to be too general with their topics and instead focus on something unique that they are experts on.

Our website is all about providing informative but also highly interesting articles; adhering to this means you will get the most out of posting to our audience.

Research you topic

While your facts need to be well-researched, the topic itself should be as well. Some quick looks at the types of articles that are popular in that industry will show you what you could potentially write about.

For example, you may know a lot about gardening but might discover that articles about planting methods are more popular than those about plant selection. This will allow you to not waste time writing about something that won’t perform well while still drawing on the same expertise.

Be clever with your links

While Best in AU is generous with the amount of links we let you include into your article, they must be of sincere relevance to the readership. This means that any irrelevant or spam links will land your article in hot water with our editors.

All of the links you include need to be clear in where they are taking readers as well as being relevant to the content they were mixed in with.

Take our advice

If your content is rejected by one of our editors, don’t take it as a personal offence but instead try to learn how you could improve your work. If it was rejected then it clearly was not good enough so it will only help you to listen.

While they don’t need to, our editors are often kind enough to leave remarks detailing why the article was rejected and can even suggest ways to fix it. We are normally happy to publish content once its mistakes have been corrected.

Avoid forbidden content

While we are diverse in the range of topics we cover, Best in AU does have some restrictions. These include:

    • Adult or sexually suggestive content
    • Postings for jobs
    • General advice columns
    • Content that is purely informational like stock reports or weather data
    • Content regarding gambling
    • Listings for property
    • Purely commercial or promotional content

Follow our guidelines

In order to keep a uniform look and feel to our website’s content we have some basic formatting rules for a guest post to follow. These include:

    • A H2 subheading following the H1 main heading of the article
    • Frequently use subheadings H3 and H4 as well as lists or bullet points to improve readability
    • No usage of anchor text links that promote your products or services
    • More than 650 words minimum

Keeping to these simple guidelines means your content will look great within our website and be well-received by our audience.

Start guest blogging with Best in Australia now and get your writing noticed by the right people!

Don’t waste any more time, simply follow our guidelines and have your content published on our website so that you can sit back and reap the benefits.