Australians love Netflix, according to SAP

By now surely everyone has heard of the online streaming service Netflix. What you may not know is that this streaming service has taken out the top position for best digital experience in Australia, beating out the home grown rivals such as Stan and Foxtel Now.

The tech giant SAP, released their 2017 Australian Digital Experience Report which included a study of 4,000 different Australians and how they rate the online experience.

The report, which was released a couple of weeks ago, explained that Australian online streaming services as well as smaller services are unable to meet the expectations of users.

Whereas, Netflix is a major and well-known brand and certainly has the resources to meet user expectation and even set the bar higher for other online streaming services to try to match.

Colin Brookes from SAP explained that there has been progress made by other streaming services to match that of Netflix, however there is still a lot of opportunity in this market that smaller services are not capitalising on.

Major digital giants have a better ability to deliver a more personalised and convenient service across a number of different channels. This is certainly something that smaller services need to look into if they wish to improve customer experience.

What Netflix seems to have done so well is to put the customer as the focus of the business. As well as this, looking at the country the customer is in and creating and services with movies and TV shows they will love.

However, it is no secret that Netflix Australia has considerably less content available compared to that of the US Netflix. As well as this, Netflix is known to simply remove whole TV shows from their website without warning. This is a couple of areas that Netflix should consider working on in the future.

The positives certainly outweigh the negatives, and Netflix is incredibly user friendly. You can even download shows when you have Wi-Fi and watch them at a later point when you don’t have access to internet.

As well as this, Netflix will send users emails when new content of interest is uploaded onto the website. They will also send you emails of shows that they think you will like based on what you watched before.

It is the little things like this that make Netflix the household name it is today. There are a lot of things other online streaming services can learn from Netflix to ensure their users have a great experience.

Katherine Mouradian
Katherine Mouradian
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