Your ultimate guide to caravan dealers in Australia

Each year thousands of older Australians decide to live the ultimate retirement dream. In their quest to explore the freedom of open roads, a lifestyle affectionately called the Grey Nomad Route, the majority of them face one common question: “How to Buy a Caravan?”

Guide to choosing the right caravan

With so many choices and variations available from caravan dealers it can be tough to make a decision. This guide makes it easier to pick the right caravan that suits your needs and lifestyle.

Ask yourself how and where do we intend to use it?

Do you intend to use the caravan for weekend trips or extended road trips? Are you looking at staying on sealed roads or are your plans to head off the beaten track and explore the Australian wilderness? Answering these questions up front will ensure you don’t buy a caravan with the wrong equipment and suspensions for your next big trip.

What size caravan should I buy?

To answer this question, you need to look at things such as, how big is your car? What is its towing capacity? And are you travelling alone or will you meet up with friends and family along the way? Make sure you account for all your visitors and those nightly card games that may need a larger table. Although a large caravan offers you more space and is better equipped, if it’s just the 2 of you it’s easier to tow the shortest and lightest caravan. The size of a caravan also depends on what you feel confident driving and reverse parking. We have a great range of large and small caravans for sale in NSW and you’d be amazed how well equipped they are.

Which vehicle will tow your new caravan?

The size of your new van will somewhat be determined by the vehicle that will tow it.

Matching the caravan weight and vehicle’s towing capacity should help you shortlist your potential towing vehicle. Don’t let the maximum tow ratings mislead you, it is best to reduce the maximum by 25% to be safe. It is recommended to speak to a trusted caravan dealer in Sydney for expert guidance on understanding these figures.

Generally, an SUV, dual-cab Ute or a wagon with a diesel engine and automatic transmission works great for small to large caravans.

Interiors and fittings

First things first! Identify the must-haves from the should-haves on what you want in your interior fittings. The choices are endless. You can choose from a single, double and queen beds. Small and large lounge areas and standard to luxury fittings like a three-door fridge, a generator, toilet and shower and more, keeping the size and style of your caravan in mind make the right choice for your needs and adventures.

Should you buy a new or second hand caravan?

Buying a new caravan, of course, offers you the latest technology, construction and advanced safety features. You also have the ability to customise it, lower running costs and the piece of mind that you own a new caravan. This can make it a compelling choice.

However, investing in a used caravan from a certified caravan dealer can be even more rewarding as you make significant savings. It also makes practical sense; however, buying a used caravan is risky so browsing the range of used caravans for sale at certified used caravan retailers will help you buy with confidence.

Buying a caravan with finance

Buying a caravan from a dealer allows you the benefit of flexible repayments and rates, cheaper than the banks can offer. With caravan loans from $5000 up to 7-year loan terms and personalised service, you can avoid upfront outlay and free up funds for your travels.

Where do I buy a caravan in Australia?

Leading caravan dealers can have you on the road for your next adventure in no time. As the leading caravan dealers of new and second hand caravans for sale, we offer you an extensive variety of new and used caravans for sale.

Final words

Don’t hold yourself back from living your ultimate retirement dream! Visit nearby caravan dealers to explore the latest collection of motor-homes, camper-vans and brand new caravans.

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