The latest advances in fuel technology

In the last few years there have been many innovations in fuel technology. Thousands of experts from different industries are continuously looking for ways to improve fuel technology and reduce consumption. Not only will this help in reducing your expenses, but might also contribute to saving the environment.

Automotive and Transport are very competitive industries. Hence, even the biggest fuel companies spend millions of dollars each year just to conduct different studies and experiments to improve the products they offer. These innovations are not just made to improve their products, but also to help drivers by improving the performance of their vehicles.

Here are some of the latest engine oil products to be based on new fuel technology.

Phillips 66 Triton FE

Phillips 66 added another advanced diesel engine oil to their list of heavy-duty, full-synthetic oils.  This new oil is designed to improve the fuel economy and performance of trucks. Phillips 66 Triton is a low-viscosity oil designed to support the latest engine technology for on-the-road trucking.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Provides protection for new low-emission diesel engine models.
  • Designed to protect exhaust after-treatment systems.
  • Protection from abrasive wear and soot-induced oil thickening
  • Resistance to viscosity and thermal breakdown
  • Sludge and varnish formation protection
  • Rust and bearing corrosion protection
  • Resistance to foaming and aeration

Kendall SHP Euro

This new product from Kendall is a premium quality, full-synthetic diesel engine oil. Kendal SHP Euro is designed 4-stroke diesel engines that operate in extreme temperatures. Its viscosity grade provides outstanding low-temperature properties for improved performance, especially in winter. This oil can be used in mixed fleets with diesel and gasoline-fueled engines.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Resistance to aeration and foaming
  • Resistance to viscosity and thermal breakdown
  • Protection from rust and bearing corrosion
  • Wear protection and soot control
  • Sludge and varnish formation protection
  • Protects exhaust after-treatment systems.
  • Low-temperature pumpability for easier starting
  • Good sheer stability

Mobil Delvac 1 ESP 5W-40

Mobil’s new product, Mobil Delvac 1 ESP 5W-40 is a full-synthetic heavy-duty diesel engine oil. It helps in prolonging engine life and allowing long drain capability and improved fuel economy for newer diesel engines, especially when operating in extreme conditions. It is ideal for almost all diesel-powered equipment from America and Europe, as well as high-performance gasoline engines.

Product Features and Benefits

  • Meets most OEM specifications.
  • Reduce low-temperature sludge build-up and high-temperature deposits
  • Outstanding wear protection
  • Improved drain capability
  • Reduced oil consumption
  • Protects against rust and corrosion formation
  • Improved fuel economy and lower overall cost

Shell Helix Ultra

Shell Helix Ultra with PurePlus technology is a premium multi-grade oil formulated to help improve your engine’s performance even in extreme conditions. It is a fully synthetic motor oil that actively helps keep your engine clean. Compared to other motor oils, its PurePlus technology allows Shell Helix Ultra to provide higher levels of cleansing and protection.

Shell Helix Ultra is designed for use in gasoline, diesel, and gas engines.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Excellent sludge protection
  • Low viscosity and low friction characteristics which help in improving fuel economy by up to 1.9%
  • Excellent wear and corrosion protection

Shell Advance Ultra

Shell Advance Ultra With PurePlus Technology provides ultimate protection and performance for various modern motorbikes, no matter the engine size. The product offers excellent control with smooth gear changes.  Its fully-synthetic technology helps in extending engine life.

Product features and benefits

  • The unsurpassed shear stability which dampens vibration and reduces noise
  • Excellent friction control which promotes smoother clutch engagement and gear changes.
  • Its PurePlus technology converts natural gas into a clear base oil
  • Removes of sludge and engine deposits
  • Excellent protection and oil-performance reliability

All these premium quality products are formulated to improve your fuel economy and your engine’s performance, but it does not mean that it will be the best for your engine. It is important, especially when it is your first time using each oil, that you check the manufacturer’s manual to make sure that the properties of the engine oil are the same as the manufacturer’s recommendation. This will help you avoid engine problems or damages caused by using the incorrect engine oil. If you aren’t using the most modern fuel technology then your results will not be as good. You can also use different mobile/online applications to find the right engine oil for your vehicle or equipment.

Anne Torres
Anne Torres
Princess Anne Torres has been writing web content about the petroleum industry for years. She specializes in engine lubricants and transport. Princess has many years in the field of engineering and lubrication and is happy to share her knowledge through content writing.
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