Social media marketing trends in 2019

Ever since the advent of social media platforms, it has captured the internet industry completely. As we stepped into the digital era, brands started opting for social media platforms for marketing a brand and reach a wider audience base globally. 

With the advancement in technologies, social media marketing trends keep on changing year by year. Internet is full of live streaming social media platforms that deliver exceptional results to its users. Social media platforms are continuously working on their algorithms to become the best live streaming platform in their domain.  

Live streaming social networks are bringing up the most innovative ways to keep the audience interested and engaged. 

Walking in together with the social media marketing trends helps any brand or business to stay ahead of the competition in the digital marketing dynamics. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and so on are some of the best live streaming platforms that help any brand to leverage. 

Digital marketers should walk hand in hand with the latest social media marketing trends and upgrade their core marketing strategies to get benefits from the same. 

Top social media marketing trends of 2019

Live streaming is not only restricted to brand events and college events but businesses are also inclining towards live streaming solutions. Let’s have a look at some of the prevailing top social media marketing trends of 2019, that will help any brand to leverage and gain maximum exposure and clicks.

1. Harness the power of video content

Video content is likely to get more clicks and views in the current age of digitalization. Social media platforms are offering live streaming services that are trending in the current era. Video content is here to stay and grow & evolve furthermore. Video content has become the most powerful social media marketing tool for brands in 2019. If you have not yet started shooting videos for your brand’s promotional strategy, now is the time to pace up your digital marketing game.

When a user is scrolling down the news feed, video content grabs audience attention quite quickly and hold their sight while engaging them with the brand, when compared to written and graphic content. Sharing your video content on various social networks helps in finding your potential target audience from where they are.

2. Live streaming is trending on social media

Various social media platforms offer top live streaming services that allow brands to engage the audiences worldwide without any geographical restrictions. Create a live webcast of social business on the best live streaming platforms, that offer high notch and top live streaming services. Live streaming allows brands to expand their reach while engaging target audiences through interactive sessions. With each passing year, live streaming has become the most powerful marketing tool for businesses. With the advancements in technology live streaming got even better and allows the business to record live streams of their event.

Social media marketing trends
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Live streaming on social media platforms allows brands to have direct interaction with customers through Q & A sessions or real-time commenting in the comments section. It helps in building customer’s trust while making them feel valued which later results in building a customer-brand relationship. Live streaming social network gives your marketing campaign a boost while creating a sense of urgency through flash sales, giveaways, etc. It creates excitement amongst the audience to tune in at the time of Live stream which results in instant sales of the product.

3. Ephemeral content attracts a wider audience base

As ephemeral (short-term) content gains the limelight in the current era of digitalization, various live streaming social media platforms have included ephemeral content into their platforms, to give customers overwhelming experiences. Snapchat was the first app that initiated the ephemeral content, later Facebook and Instagram followed the same footsteps and entered in the same gateway.

Ephemeral content is only available for shorter time duration and disappears within a 24 hr timeline. It creates a sense of urgency among the audience in the fear of missing out on the most relevant information. It has been trending on the live streaming social media platforms and helping businesses to leverage from the same. 

When a brand opts for ephemeral content, it gets a faster response from the audience. Whether you create demonstration videos of your products or showcase behind the scene scenarios of your business or create a webcast of social business there are ample ways to leverage your brand with the recent trend in social media marketing and build stronger customer relationships which later converts into brand loyalty.

4. Reviews on social media platforms are trending

When we talk about social media platforms as a part of marketing strategies for brands or businesses, customer reviews can make a brand live or finish it. Customer Reviews on social media platforms play an important role and influence customers ‘ buying decisions. The audience tends to get insight into the product and its benefits by reading the reviews by other customers and make the decision of purchasing the product accordingly. Good reviews from customers boost the sales of the product thereby influencing other target customers to make the purchase, while bad reviews turn off the customers and change their minds.

Reviews on social media are one of the biggest trends prevailing in social media marketing in 2019. Each review on a social media platform has a significant impact on the customer’s mind. A recent survey reports that customers do trust online reviews, and go through it before making a purchase. It has become a crucial aspect for brands and businesses to maintain a reputation online to attract a wider fan base globally. Regularly monitoring social media pages and answering customers’ questions online, makes customers satisfied while building trust in a particular brand. Taking customer’s feedback into consideration and handling criticism or poor reviews positively and professionally helps in improving customers’ experience with the brand. It helps in making the audience aware, that your business does value customers and is concerned about improving customer experience with the brand.

Stay ahead of your competition with the top social media marketing trends in 2019. A game-changer, that will boost your brand sales and leverage your business. Allow your brand to adopt the prevailing trends and attract your potential customers within no time.

Sophia Thomas
Sophia Thomas
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