How mobile cool rooms come in handy at outdoor events

If you’ve ever been to an outdoor festival or even a market, you’re probably aware of- the sheer demand for food and drinks that are seen at these kinds of events. Especially in the summer months, where there is a lot of music festivals and events all over the state with tens of thousands of people in attendance in some cases, refrigeration becomes a genuine concern for food outlets for whom expensive refrigeration options just aren’t viable. Mobile cool rooms are frequently utilised in such cases and provide a cost-effective option for vendors. Let’s take a look at a few reasons they can be beneficial in these cases.

Time flexibility is a must

Rather than being locked in for a specific time period, most providers of mobile cool rooms are relatively flexible. If you find that you need to use the portable freezer for a more extended period, it’s not such a big deal. They offer quality service and state of the art technology to ensure that all your foods and frozen products are delivered on time at the right temperature. Plus, the advantage of hiring mobile cool rooms rather than having a logistics provider deliver the goods is that its use is entirely in your hands, rather than having to stick to a prearranged schedule.

Temperatures can be adjusted

Most of the times, we get seriously concerned about food hygiene and health-related issues. As, in some cases, the cargo van is warmer than the requirements dictate for frozen goods and perishable items. To avoid such disaster, refrigerated transport providers can offer you with information about the ideal temperature range for the things you carry, and in most cases, you will be able to adjust these yourself depending on your requirements. With today’s refrigeration technology, the best car manufacturers are providing refrigerated trucks with dual temperature capabilities, meaning you can store frozen and chilled goods at the same time for example.

Storage sizes are adaptable

This is one of the key challenges in food transportation for any outdoor events and parties. However, another handy aspect of mobile cool-rooms is that they come in a range of sizes, meaning they can accommodate your needs whether you’re expecting to be extremely busy throughout the day or only sell a few items. Most portable cool rooms start at around 3+ cubic meters all the way up to large trailers. With so many different sizes used, see what sizes your storage take.

GPS tracking your delivery

This is essential for food deliveries that are time sensitive. Safety is another opportunity for the GPS system to help your delivery. This latest tracking system helps you to stay well informed about the location of the refrigerated vehicle; even you can minimise the driving time so that your delivery would arrive within your time range. Besides, you can access the transport efficiency and driver productivity data through their online application. This can prove pretty fruitful and useful to avoid poor driving behaviours such as speeding and unnecessary idling.

Store just about any food/drink

Modern day mobile cool rooms are very versatile and can be used to store just about anything you’d needed to sell at a large outdoor event. Cooked meats and poultry should obviously be refrigerated as soon as possible after cooking – if you’ll be cooking raw meats on site, it’s ideal to store them in the coldest part of the cool room if you have other kinds of foods present.

Some fruits and vegetable should be kept in the cool room as also, including plums, peaches and nectarines if applicable. Further, cool drinks will obviously be kept here, provided it is convenient and you have your cool room close to where you are serving.

These are just a handful of the reasons why you should consider portable cool room hire services if you’re planning on selling at a large outdoor festival this year! By following some of these handy hints, you will greatly assist the upcoming outdoor event you have. For more information, feel free to search online and find out how the world wide web can help.

Emma Sneddon
Emma Sneddon
Emma Sneddon, a Melbourne-based freelance writer and an independent blogger. She mostly writes about sustainable and alternative living solutions. She likes to write in the most effective ways to drive new sales and revenue for local businesses like Premier Painting Company.
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