What are marketing videos useful for?

One of the most effective ways for your business to make a name for itself is through having content go viral, and the most likely content to go viral is a video. Videos are a great way to add extra content to your website, and putting more information on your page. People who are interested can watch and listen to the video, while someone who is just looking to buy your product can just ignore it.

Creating the video is the hard part, especially if you want to add things like voiceovers and special effects. Make a Video Hub is a great resource for creating podcasts and videos, including animation which can be a fun way to inform your audience about your industry and products without needing to hire actors or look ridiculous.

Website optimisation

What are marketing videos useful for?
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I’ve touched on this above, but videos are fantastic for adding quality content to your website. Apart from all of the value that a video can create for your visitors, Google also loves them! Images and videos are a good way to illustrate your points, and put your target keywords on the site in the alt-text.

A lot of websites will simply add pages and pages of text explaining what they do and giving some information about themselves. This can be good for SEO and targeting keywords, but often it will also make your visitors (and potential customers) eyes glaze over. A well-made (or even poorly-made but funny) video can impart the same information without frustrating or boring your readers.

Videos are also a great option for blog posts. You can go into more details, illustrate examples when your write an instructional blog or even have a podcast replacing the whole blog. Variety will keep people who follow your blog engaged, and can add a lot of value to your website for visitors. A word of advice – you know how annoying it is when a website has an auto play and starts blasting sound at you while you are reading an article? Don’t do that.

Social media

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A short film makes a fantastic post on social media. These kinds of posts will help you to generate a lot of engagement, and the information will be taken in by a lot more people than if you just share a link to your website or blog post. This audio-visual type of offering will also be a bit different for your followers, so you will get more engagement on this type of post.

If you want to go viral then sharing videos over social media is your best bet. These websites make it easy for other people to share your post with their friends, which will help you to be seen by a bigger audience and hopefully more potential customers. However, you can never predict which short films will attract people’s attention and grow, and it is very unlikely that you will actually reach a global audience.

Social media sites, Facebook in particular, are now rapidly catching up to YouTube as a platform for sharing and consuming videos. With this trend it’s becoming less important to have your own YouTube channel than in the past, as you can just share your content over social media. That said, if you plan on producing several short films then a channel would be a good way to let anyone interested watch all of them and follow any new ones.

Branded content

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Branded content is a special kind of video about your brand. It isn’t an explicitly promotional film or an ad, or even necessarily a form of blog about your industry. Branded content is usually about a cause, region or person that you want to be associated with, like a charity or a sports star, and doesn’t mention your company or brand until the very end. If you made sportswear, for example, you might do a film about an athlete’s journey ending with your brand.

This type of content is usually informative and factual, helping people learn more about an area, person or cause that they are interested in. It associates your brand with them in your audience’s mind in a more subtle way than straight up advertising or sponsorships (although these will help too). Branded content is fantastic for your video marketing.

As you can see producing films can be very helpful for your marketing efforts. Apart from adding value to your website and being a fun way to keep your blog fresh, they are also great for social media and getting your business seen by more people. Branded content is an especially effective form of video marketing that might even go viral.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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