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Best in Australia is an all-Aussie website dedicated to bringing you news and opinions covering a variety of topical subjects. As our name implies; we focus on reporting the absolute best stories to come out of this great nation.

No matter if the story is about entrepreneurial business innovators, Australian politics or even just fashion and beauty advice; we always provide a balanced and well-researched perspective.

We are privileged to have the wide readership we enjoy and we care deeply about making sure you only get the most accurate information available. In a digital age where misinformation and ‘fake news’ are abundant, we want Best in Australia to stand out as a beacon of integrity.

Many of our articles deliver in-depth opinions and analysis on everything from controversial public issues to home improvement projects. We believe that there’s an incredible story right around every corner and that our readers can find both entertainment and valuable insight from reading them.

Best in Australia believes in the power of highly-informative, timely and engaging content. No matter what your interests are; we’ve always got something here for you.


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Meet our journalist and contributors:

Head of Content & Editing

Samantha Rigby – As Best in Australia’s head of content and editing, Samantha has a keen eye for detail. She holds strong views on how news should be told and every piece of work we publish needs to meet her high standards.

She’s a Sydney University graduate with a Bachelor of Arts and her passion for schooling and education knows no bounds. At such a young age, she travelled the world and as a result has an advanced sense of cultural awareness which she applies to her supervision of Best in Australia.

Executive Editor

Mike Smith – Mike has spent over a decade covering news related to business leaders and entrepreneurs around Australia and across the world. He’s passionate about providing Best in Australia’s readership with high-quality and informative content.

Through his interviews with inspiring business leaders, Mike provides valuable insight to a new generation of Australian entrepreneurs.

Managing Content Editor

James Reed– As our Managing Content Editor, James ensures that our readership gets a variety of engaging and accurate content every day. He is eager to tackle big issues head on and give readers the information they desire.

Having graduated with a Bachelor of Communications, James is well-equipped to cover today’s most relevant topics. On Best in Australia, James writes on a wide variety of subject matter but is primarily responsible for authoring our politics section.

Associate Editor

Kieran Jorgensen – Kieran is our primary sports writer and is especially passionate about covering the AFL.

He stays up-to-date on current sporting events so he can provide accurate and insightful commentary.

From time to time, Kieran can also be found writing on other topics besides sport. As a writer, he is always seeking to expose himself to new ideas he think his readers will find interesting.

Associate Editor

Winston  October – Winston is a content writer based in Sydney. Having worked in the Financial Services Industry for 7 years, Winston has extensive knowledge in banking, finance, superannuation and financial markets.

Winston understands just how big a role the economy plays in our world and wants to ensure that our readers are informed about developments that could affect their lives.

Associate Editor

Tatjana Milcic – Originally from Belgrade, Serbia, Tatjana primarily writes about technology, entertainment and fashion.

She is a firm believer in the idea that not every story needs to be serious and that a sprinkling of humour every now and then is good for the soul.

Associate Editor

Alok Kharel – Based in Darwin, Northern Territory, Alok originally hails from Nepal and has lived and worked in Australia for the past 4 years.

Being interested in literature from young age, he started writing and reading several novels, poems and small stories. He is also a sports enthusiast with a keen love for cricket.

Associate Editor

Rebecca Dicioccio Kellett is a writer and an editor at ‘Best in Australia’ who has written on a range of topics.

She is enthusiastic and passionate with an interest in food, health, entertainment and politics. She is the editor responsible for our health section.

Associate Editor

Yousef Jnaid – As a dental surgeon, Yousef is obsessed with everything new in the health care field. His aim is to increase people’s awareness of health related issues by providing them with highly accurate and authoritative information.

Health is an always-relevant issue that many Australians seem to not think about too much. Yousef wants more Australians to be informed so that they can be better health consumers and get better outcomes for themselves and their families.

Associate Contributor & Copy Writer: Melissa Hamler, Jai Thomson, Joseph Webb, Jim Chronopoulos, Pei-Wen Tan, Tom Byrne, Oliver Ryan, Roger Mate and Rosemary Mathew

We have many more guest contributors from all around the world. If you would like to join our team, please contact us.