Planning your summer vacation? Check these tips before you go!

Summer vacation is a way for you to leave your comfort zone, recharge your batteries and help put your entire life into a perspective. For a lot of people, this vacation has an almost ritualistic significance. It’s a lot easier to work long hours when you know that your next summer vacation is just a couple of weeks away. Also, it provides you with great stories to tell when you get back. Here are six ideas to help you plan this summer vacation in style. We deliberately omitted the destination from this list, in order not to restrict you in this way. Keep in mind that regardless of where you choose to go, the below-listed six rules will still apply.

The vaccine’s poor deployment and recently found COVID-19 variants obscure the image of what’s likely (and safe) for travel this summer—not to mention the fact that the COVID task force and the CDC’s director already advise everyone to stay put.

So, how do you decide whether or not to take a vacation this year—and whether or not you should? Here are few things to think about whether you’re planning a summer holiday and want to be as healthy as possible.

Travel in the right company

The person or people you travel with will make the biggest change to your overall travel strategy (other than the destination that you travel to). So, if you can’t find someone whose ideas of a perfect summer vacation match yours, it might be better to just travel alone. Bringing another person means having to vote on every single idea. It also means that you will be less inclined to interact with others, seeing as how you’ve already brought your own, personal social group along.

Budgeting for the summer tripA couple with suitcases walking towards the ocean after planning their summer vacation.

Another challenge of vacationing lies in budgeting for the trip. Start by setting a maximum budget, pick a destination and plan for one or two bigger expenses. Then, add a couple of smaller things to the mix. To automate the process and make it more reliable, you could potentially look for a vacation budget planner online. The simplest way to handle this is to just download a template and manually enter all the data. Bookmark this, seeing as how it’s not the last time you’ll need such a tool.

Picking the right time

While the very name of the concept (summer) narrows it down a bit, picking the right time to go on a vacation can be quite challenging. Going in the middle of the season means paying the highest possible price, as well as visiting the place when it’s the most crowded. It does, however, mean visiting the place during its most beautiful part of the year. Also, keep in mind that the length of the journey plays a huge factor here. You don’t want to go to the airport straight from work or return straight to the office chair from your flight.

The means of transportation

If you’re not travelling between continents, it might be a good idea to consider going on a road trip, instead of a regular journey. This gives you the freedom to fully customize your journey, save money (when travelling in a group) and even experience travelling in a completely new way. According to experts behind One Stop Auto Care, going on a road trip will push your vehicle to its limits. Think about it, during the urban commute, you seldom have the time to develop the full speed or the journey to last that long so that some hidden problems start showing. Taking your car for a service before you embark on a journey is the best idea you could have.

Stay domestic

Many foreign destinations are now refusing to welcome American travelers, even those who do often change their conditions (such as requesting multi-day quarantines and negative COVID tests) as case numbers fluctuate.

We don’t know what kind of regulations would be in effect for travel to foreign countries “According to Dr. Barron. “Check with your local, state, or national standards and criteria ahead of time to ensure that if you need COVID-19 vaccine checking or evidence, you can have it done before your ride.

If you’re risk-averse when it comes to travel, a domestic trip within a few hours of your home base is your safest bet.

Focus on your healthFeet on a hammock after planning a summer vacation

Every vacation will break your daily routine, which affects different people in different ways. Take all the necessary steps to ensure that you lead a healthy lifestyle even while you’re away. Eat regularly and properly hydrate while on the journey. If you have any allergies, don’t order anything risky and eat in restaurants where the waiting staff speaks English so that you can inquire about the ingredients. Also remember that you’re changing a climate, which may change your nutrition requirements, as well as change what a healthy daily water intake is.

Start planning as soon as you get back

It’s never too early to begin thinking about your next holiday. In other words, it would be best if you were to start planning for your next vacation as soon as you get back from this one. Keep in mind to track your expenses during the journey. If you’ve pre-calculated the budget, you can make a quick comparison upon returning home. This way, you will have a much better idea of what you’re up against, as well as how your plans fare in reality. Some people love returning to the same place for their vacation and if that’s the case, your plan will be much more effective.

In conclusion

Going on a summer vacation sounds like something fun but it’s not that way by default. To enjoy your vacation to the fullest, you need to find a way to get the most out of it. With the above-listed six tips, you will have an easier job preparing for the journey ahead and be able to focus on simple pleasures, rather than being preoccupied with big worries. Just make sure that you start planning in time and that you resolve the logistics to everyone’s satisfaction.

Isaac Brunt
Isaac Brunt
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