What are some low-cost tourism marketing strategies for travel agencies

Designing and implementing a travel marketing strategy takes a lot of time and patience. Improper marketing tools and strategies can make a travel agency suffer from poor google search ranking, low conversion rate, and inactive social media management.

Unfortunately, many travel agencies are prone to such mistakes as their resources when it comes to marketing are often limited. However, there are a few low-cost tourism marketing strategies they can leverage. 

8 Low-cost Tourism Marketing Strategies that Work

Businesses need to make the best of what they have. Travel agencies that lack a big marketing budget can use the following marketing techniques to get their word out.

Research your audience

Your marketing strategy should prioritize your customers’ personas. It should focus on what customer seeks and expects from a travel agency. Make demographic research on areas you host your services in. This will allow you to make a deep analysis of what customers research, plan, and expect from a travel agency. Think from customers’ perspective and list down the following things:

What motivates a customer to travel?

What prior things he searches for traveling?

What attracts him while researching travel agencies?

Your website and social media channels should be the answer to the above questions.

Make your website attractive and informative

Travel website template

Your website will be the first impression of your tour agency. The graphics, content, quality, and usability will be highlighted at the first glance. Numerous website lacks content quality and hence suffer from poor search rankings. When it comes to online marketing, a number of factors are interlinked with each other and are effective when run in parallels such as rich content, SEO marketing, and many more.

Design your website to be mobile-friendly as 78% of the population use mobile to navigate on the internet.

Use the tools of Google Analytics, as it will help you to track your visitors. It is vital to know about your target visitors; their origin of visiting your page, how much time they spent on your website, what pages they visited, and the number of revisits.

Make your website presentable in the sense that users can easily find the target content without scrolling down the gallery. The content and graphics should coordinate to give prompt call-to-action.

Social media- the shooting stage

If a brand does not have its existence on social media in 2021 then it’s lacking 50% of its business exposure. Having organized and well-managed social media channels are the most cost-effective way to practice organic marketing and conversion rates.

Facebook and Instagram are the most trending business marketing tools that also provide paid marketing. You can collect the audience on your page by creating activities, giveaways, discount offers, sign up, and many more. With Facebook’s marketing strategy, you can track and observe the effects of running different marketing approaches.

Don’t forget to run your newsletter and ask people to sign up. You can attract people by offering them discounts like ‘ get 10% off on first travel trip by signing up to our newsletter’.

What’s next? email marketing? yes, you guessed it right

Engaging the audience through an email sign-up can be another effective way of collecting customer databases. Attach email sign-up on the homepage of your website and social media post to perform organic marketing. Once the user signs up, you can always hit them up with regular communicative notifications to let them know about your business.

For example: Guess who’s coming with us on a trip to Egypt?

It will drag organic traffic, promote leads, and generate social engagements. Another way to leverage email in tourism marketing through online coupons. Businesses can advertise coupons through emails to individuals who might have engaged with them on social media. This would significantly increase the chases for leads into prospects.

When it comes to sponsored ads, Facebook is a well-known and result-oriented platform. However, businesses still struggle with expensive advertising and click-through rates. Take help from Google AdWords and retargeting with a 100% guarantee of positive ROI. The SEO experts can help can manage AdWords professionally otherwise, the inexperienced team might face difficulty running successful ads. Visit cleverads.com and get unlimited Google ads Promo codes for your brand.

Run a YouTube channel

Making a short and adventurous video of every travel tour can be another authentic way of displaying your travel agency. By this, you can showcase your services, business SOPs, team, and attract a sea of customers. Shoot film snippets of customer feedback, travel destination, and other useful content for viewers like how to pack your commodities in a single bag.

Blogs, making a definite impact

Make a separate section of blogs on your website. Make your blog SEO optimized and keyword sensitive. These blogs will help you to come under the top ranking of Google search engines. Make your blogs short but informative and conversational. Make it more customer-oriented by talking about their personas. Take help from other keyword tools and find the trending keywords in the specific region to gather more visitors to your website. In technical terms, this is called content marketing.

Reviews, testimonials, and check-ins

81% of the people read reviews before availing brand’s services and 49% of them actually never try the brand without making sure the reviews are genuine. So, it’s quite relevant to say ‘reputation is revenue’.

Ask your customers to give feedback on Facebook, Instagram, website, and other reviews-based channels such as Trip Advisor and Expedia. Also, always respond professionally to any negative review and sort out the matter. Feedback strengthens the trust and confidence of visitors in the brand. It will have a positive effect on your conversation rate and website ranking.

The bottom line

2021 and countless marketing strategies for businesses to excel online. Live streaming on Facebook and Instagram can promote real-time viewing and organic exposure. Make an online booking feature available on your website so that customers can feel eased, as according to the Booking Channels Report, 49.2% of bookings were made online in 2019. Coordinate with air ticketing agencies for instant and safe online ticket service. A travel agency is purely based on customer service and its marketing approach has to be customer-centered. That’s the only right key.

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