Entertainment industry ready to capitalise on autonomous cars

The introduction of driverless cars has presented exciting prospects for many busy people. Australian’s daily commute to work will transform from a monotonous chore, to an opportunity for more reading, relaxing and possibly even napping.

While this impending adoption of autonomous vehicles provides a stress-free vision for citizens, the entertainment industry is viewing it as an incredible expansion of the consumer space. The hours of time caught up in travel will be unbound of driving duties, freeing Australians to enjoy entertaining content.

In recognition of this huge business opportunity, Warner Brothers and Intel have combined to generate an innovative in-car experience. Aimed at completely immersing passengers into their entertainment, the team’s ideas are exceeding the typical 2D viewing we’d be expecting.

Virtual and Augmented Reality advances are presenting new amusement possibilities, with a moving car providing an avenue to submerge people in the experience more than ever. Moving vehicles naturally hold the ability to connect people to the outside world and stimulate different senses, not dissimilar to a Movie World theme-park ride.

Futurists are looking at the possibility of windscreens embodying a complete movie screen. Windows and windshields could logically act as display screens, creating the potential for an encompassing and authentic experience that may well place a passenger in the centre of their favourite TV show or movie setting.

Auto piloted cars offer extreme revenue opportunities for movie studios, with their predicted value being hundreds of billions per year. Warner Brothers and Paramount Pictures have also jumped on board with their own research and ideas, after realizing the potential of such a concept.

Advertisers are also looking at the possibility to involve location-based advertisements with an interactive twist, to further engage consumers in the marketing world.

This method of promotion adds a new level of convenience to the consumer experience, with possibilities to hear about a perfect local cafe that you’re currently driving past on an empty stomach.

The collaboration of a popular movie platform, like Netflix, with a renowned car manufacturer may make this futuristic idea become a reality in the very near future. Soon, you may be cruising down the highway, whilst simultaneously unleashing your speed demon ways in a Fast and Furious street race.

While there are some obvious safety concerns that need to be addressed before this new consumer entertainment space is to be fully integrated into Australian lives, it is well on its way to arriving.

Removing the need for consumers to watch the road introduces entirely new possibilities for Australian travel experiences. Not only will people be relieved of their driving duties, but it may actually become an enjoyable time of the day. Peak hour traffic will no longer be so bad, as you sit back and indulge in some afternoon shows.

Talia Williamson
Talia Williamson
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