The best car manufacturers in the world

Whether it’s your first time buying a car, or you simply need an upgrade, purchasing your latest vehicle is a real challenge for motorists everywhere. Figuring out exactly what kind of car you want can be tough and the hardest place to start can often be what seems simplest; the brand.

Choosing what brand of car is the right car for you should NOT be difficult, but it is and there aren’t many people who can give you advice on it. Car salesmen will generally tell you that the best car for you is whatever they are trying to sell.

Friends think their brand of car is best and other people seem to know about as much information as it takes them to display in a single throw-away comment.

Hopefully this little list will give you some idea about what brands have to offer while choosing your new ride!


This old brand is one of the most unbeatable by far. Originating in Japan, it quickly became a world-renowned company for its impressive quality of cars. Due to the fact that there is no decline in value evident in future, you can rest assured that if you need any new parts, they will be easy to find and quite well priced.

On top of this, if you find yourself needing to sell your car for whatever reason, it is very likely that you will fetch a decent price for it.


As another Japanese company, you can very much expect a similar quality to Suzuki. Honda boasts a whopping sales number of 4.36 million units sold. This isn’t due to anything but the sheer quality of their products.

A good statement to take note of is that Hondas are also one of the very best cars you can purchase on a budget and as a first-time car buyer. They are both fuel efficient, cost effective and handier than most other cars on the market.


It simply would not be fair to compare Toyota cars to other brands in many ways. Toyota are quite simply put; one of the best. Established in 1937 in Japan, Toyota has come so far as to be regarded as the leading producer of cars in the world.

The reason for this high regard is that they are fuel efficient, cheap to maintain, diverse, tough, and many more things. Toyota would most certainly leave anyone searching for a car quite hard-pressed to find a brand that is equal in most ways.


Established in Berlin, Germany on 28th May, 1937, Volkswagen is able to boast a surprisingly modern, yet efficient branding. Each car that is built fits in with the aesthetic of modern cars beautifully.

Their cars are extremely efficient in many ways, which include cost and fuel consumption. For a car that fits in well with modern aesthetic, but doesn’t leave you out of pocket simply for something that looks pretty, Volkswagen is one of the most sure-fire ways you can get true value for your money.


Something about these cars is simply beautiful. Presenting a HUGELY diverse range of models, Hyundai offers anything from 4 to 8 seater cars. Perfect for anyone looking for a car to suit their family needs.

Having sold around 7.7 million units, Hyundai is popular and there’s no guess work evident when you want to know why. As one of the oldest car manufacturers on the market, Hyundai promises quality cars that are perfect for all kinds of needs.

Feeling your heart rate slow down? Perfect. As stated; finding the right car for your needs shouldn’t be difficult, but in world of conflicting information everywhere you turn, it can be a real headache to make a choice that will likely put you out of pocket by quite a bit.

Everyone needs to also bare a couple of things in mind when purchasing a new car; that is to take into consideration EXACTLY the uses you need from your vehicle. Do you want to drive on beaches? Maybe rough terrain? Is it for simply city life, or do you need to use the car for long trips often?

As well as usage, consider whether you may be looking at having a family any time in the next 5-10 years. You may want to consider something that will suit another passenger. As well, don’t forget space. Not only for other people, but in-case you need to transport anything like groceries or luggage regularly.

Considering these things will save you a lot of money in both the short term and long term. “The right tool for the right job”, as the saying goes. Try not to stress out while purchasing your new car. Remember that it isn’t about the destination… It’s about the ride.


This article is a private opinion based on private research and it shouldn’t be considered as advice.

Grace Woods
Grace Woods
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