Why you should use wooden crates for packaging and delivery

Wooden crates are used extensively in industries around the world for packaging, storage and delivery. These self-supporting structures work wonderfully to store or ship lightweight or fragile items, with the food industry especially using them to store and deliver food.

With numerous benefits to boot, it’s not hard to see why wooden crates are so heavily used by numerous industries that require a versatile and dependable packaging method for their delicate stock.


Wood is known to be highly durable and hard-wearing, meaning wooden crates are ideal for transporting large amounts of goods as they retain their structural integrity under pressure. This is essential as it keeps your stock safe, whether it is in storage or en route to its destination. Compared to flimsy cardboard, it is clear why wood has become the material of choice for shipping and storage.


Thanks to their durability, wooden crates also manage to last a long time, meaning you can reuse them again and again. This can potentially save you a significant amount of money, as you can simply reuse your supply instead of constantly having to buy new transportation packaging. What’s more, your wooden parts can easily be broken down and rebuilt to make a new crate, allowing you to meet various requirements with the one crate!

Not susceptible to corrosion:

Wooden crates are corrosion-resistant, being able to withstand extreme temperatures. This makes them more resilient to wear and tear, allowing your stock to arrive at its destination safe and sound. In addition to protecting your products from corrosion, wood also creates a barrier against moisture, dirt, dust and other debris that could damage your products.


Wooden crates slot on top of each other neatly and without suffering any breakage, making them ideal for mass transportation or storage. Being able to sustain a huge amount of vertical pressure, wooden crates can easily be used for effective warehouse storage or compact shipping. This essentially doubles the space you have available for storage and shipping, allowing for more efficient processes and reduced labour costs.


Wooden crates are readily available, and can even be bought second-hand to save even further money. Because they are reusable, these boxes will save you even more money in the long run. Their durability only adds to the savings!


Being a renewable material, wood is by far one of the most eco-friendly packaging materials you can opt for – just make sure to buy your wooden crates from a business that uses wood from sustainable sources. If you no longer have a need for your wood packages, you can easily recycle them, making it a no-waste packaging option.


If you work with a quality wooden crate provider, you will find that they are able to meet all your custom requirements. Depending on the size you require and the type of product you are shipping, a custom crate provider can make sure all your needs are met. Those wanting to use wooden crates in their home will find customisation to be especially helpful, meaning you can get anything from small boxes for storing spices to large crates to act as outdoor furniture.

Multipurpose and versatile:

While associated with shipping, delivery and warehouse storage, wooden crates are actually highly versatile, suitable for a series of arts and crafts projects around the home as well. From acting as side tables, chairs, shelving and more, wooden crates can be re-purposed to meet a variety of needs around the home as well as add a rustic charm to your interior décor.

Whether you would like to use wooden crates for warehouse storage, shipping of products or your own DIY project, you may be unsure of where to buy wooden crates that you can rely on. Do your research to find a reliable wooden crate supplier who can also customise their products to suit your needs, to be sure that your products will be sufficiently protected and stored.

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