How to make fun for your family

Finding a fun activity for the whole family can sometimes stir debate. Luckily, there are lots of fun games that families can play together.

There are still many of the ‘classic games’, played before the age of smartphones and computers, that can still be played today. These games include board games, darts, cards, puzzles, and charades. Many of these games are suitable for the whole family and can be enjoyed by everyone.

Some of them have been modernized with apps and video game adaptions, but there is nothing like playing these games in the traditional way with the physical gaming materials encouraging everyone to interact and bond with each other.

5 Best Games for the Family

Board Games

Board games are one of the oldest types of family games in existence. Perhaps the most popular family game made within the last 100 years is Monopoly. This is where family members purchase and rent properties with the hopes of making the most money and forcing other property owners to foreclose on their properties.

The winner is the one who owns all the properties. Other great family board games are Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit. the best part about board games is that they more often than not require a combination of luck and skill making it more interesting to play.


There are many different types of cards games that family members can play. If there are older family members playing, then they might enjoy poker and blackjack. If there are kids playing, then they might enjoy a more fun cards game like War or Slap Jack.

Aside from the standard 52 Deck of Cards, you can play UNO which is another fun card game for families. Do not bet any money, though, because you’ll want to keep this family friendly and not have anyone feeling resentment toward other family members taking their money. Just play for fun.


Darts games are always a favorite among family members. Darts requires you to have some skill at throwing the dart at the dartboard, but it is also entertaining to see how badly your family members will miss when they throw their darts.

Overall, the best way for a family to enjoy darts is to purchase safe dartboards for family fun. One popular example of this is an electronic dartboard which lights up brightly and keeps score for you. Not only that, the darts have soft tips and the dartboard has little holes for those tips to go into. That way, the game is safe for family members of all ages to play.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles are great for multiple people to play because no one can lose at these games. The objective is for everyone to search for the proper puzzle pieces and put them together to form the main image of the puzzle.

To make it challenging for everyone in the family, you should get a puzzle which has hundreds or even thousands of puzzle pieces to it. There are also 3D puzzles like Puzz 3D which lets families put puzzle pieces together to form a 3-Dimensional object.

If there are kids in the family, they will have even more excitement as they watch this real object be brought to life.


Here is a classic family game that never gets old. It does not involve any boards or tools that you need to purchase.

The game consists of one person who thinks of a word and then tries to act out each syllable of that word in front of the other players. The first player to guess the right word wins. You can have a lot of fun with this game by being dramatic with your acting and trying to make people laugh as they guess what your word is.

Some people may want to use a whiteboard and magic marker to keep track of everyone’s score. Otherwise, just gather your family members together in a room and just have fun with it.

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