Amil Nunez talks about Get My Package and shopping online in the US

Amil Nunez is one of the founders of Get My Package Logistics Network LLC, a US mail forwarding service based in Florida. They assist non-US customers with getting access to packages in the US that are not available in their home countries. This can be a massive inconvenience for a lot of customers, particularly those in Australia and other isolated parts of the world. Thankfully, Get My Package is here to help, ensuring that customers get affordable shipping rates for their products.

Amil was able to answer a few of our questions regarding Get My Package and the wider industry.

Amil, how does Get My Package Logistics Network LLC work?

We’re a business that helps customers get access to goods that aren’t necessarily available in their country. Signing up with our service is very easy and straightforward as well! The first step is to establish your US address (no charge). After that, it’s time to start shopping. Go to one of your favourite US retailers and pick out a product that you want. When finalising the purchase through the retailer, use your US mail address as the delivery location.

Your package will then arrive at one of our facilities, where we’ll verify that it’s your product by taking photos (up to three photos). All you then need to do is confirm the order and we’ll mail out the goods to you as soon as possible. And that’s it – done! You can either choose a Standard or Premium account. A Standard account is free, while a Premium account is $10 per month or $50 a year (the savings stack up quickly!)

What makes your service different to others?

We believe that our professionalism and expertise is unparalleled. We place a high priority on ensuring that our customers get the best level of service available to them. We also allow our customers to store their products in our warehouses for up to 90 days, which provides them with the flexibility to make additional purchases and group them all together in the same single delivery.

Which carriers do you work with?

We pride ourselves on the fact that we work with a wide range of carriers. Indeed, we work with FedEx, DHL, Airmail Priority, USPS and TNT. All these services are fast, effective and reliable, with varying price ranges. No matter which service you nominate, we will ensure that your good is delivered via your carrier as reliably as possible.

Where specifically is the mailing address?

We have multiple addresses across the United States. You can choose from a selection of US states; however, no matter which one you pick, you’ll be getting the postal address of one of our forwarding agents.

Do you offer refunds?

If your good arrives and is not to your satisfaction (e.g. incomplete order, incorrect good), then you will need to request a refund through your online account. It’s a simple process – just go to account settings and then click on account deposit. There’s a button that says “Request a Refund” – click on that and begin processing your request.

Your refund should come through via the same payment method you used for the purchase. If there is an issue (like an expired card), then we will likely transfer your refund via PayPal. Generally, refunds take around 2-3 days to process, or slightly longer, depending on your payment method (ie. be prepared for bank delays of up to 24 hours).

Will I need an EEI form?

An Electronic Export Information form (EEI), is required if the value of your item exceeds $2500 US. United States Customs will require the form, which we can handle for you for a flat rate of $40 US.

How does shipping insurance?

It’s only natural that you, as the customer, would want to have some level of insurance for your goods. When filling out your forms, you’ll notice that there are two different types of insurance (depending on your carrier). The first one is delivery insurance. This covers the shipment cost of the package if it is lost in transit. The second option is delivery and damage insurance. This is a combination of the previous form of insurance and coverage for lost/damaged packages. The payout is based off the declared value.

At the end of the day, if you live outside of the United States, you’re missing out on a lot of amazing and great products. However, you don’t have to be missing out, with companies like Get My Package Logistics Network providing mail forwarding services. They can ensure that you have access to your favourite brands at affordable and fair rates!

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