Travel essentials for your Australian beach holiday

Probably one of the gladdest moments in every human’s life is exploring a new place. The beauty of an unknown place is some kind of magic. Some love beaches, some love mountains while some just love to rejuvenate themselves at the resort. The idea of a vacation varies from person to person. However, if you are in Australia, nothing can beat the holiday to the Gold Coast. The refreshing beach mornings, cool pool swims in hot afternoons and watching the divine sunset beachside in evenings, this beach getaway is certainly worth falling in love for. 

Unlike other beach holidays, an Australian beach holiday is quite different. Get into the spirit and start on your Australian adventure. There are endless attractions at Gold Coast. But before hitting your holiday destination, there are some essential packing tips you need to follow that will make your trip more enjoyable and safe. 

Well, these tips are more appropriate if you have chosen house or apartment based accommodation for your Gold Coast trip

First, let’s note down the general but the most essential travel tips:

Add destination to your weather map:

No matter where you are traveling, it is essential to know about the weather there beforehand, so that you can go well-prepared. Unlike before, the weather keeps on changing, it can rain anytime, it can be sunny even in winter. Hence, add your travel destination to your weather map and know about the weather condition and keep a track of it until the day you leave. 

Carry a mini medical kit:

The tablets which you are consuming may not be available where you are traveling. Hence it is better to carry your regular health supplements as well as other necessary medical items along with you handy. Pain killers, crepe bandage, band-aid, balm, small scissors, without any saying all these are absolutely essential to carry in your medical kit. 

Beach holiday essentials 

Carry an extra pair swimsuit

Okay, it is quite obvious that if you are heading to the beach you will be carrying a swimsuit. But it is also wise to carry an extra suit that will be quickly available when the one you are wearing is fully wet. Especially if you are planning to spend a full day in the water, it is better to carry an extra swimsuit, it doesn’t weigh or occupy much space. 

Sunny attires

Cotton outfits work the best at beachy, sunny locations. You can carry cotton frocks, tunics, and shorts that can be comfortably used as a cover-up and soak up all the wetness and make you feel airy and fresh. They are definitely stylish. You can experiment with different styles and expand your holiday wardrobe. 

Also, carry full clothes

The climate of Queensland, Gold Coast can change instantly, if it is hot, it can suddenly turn out to be a little cooler too. So it is better to pack full sleeves t-shirts and soft pants to keep yourself warm when needed.  Any light cardio outfit will also do. 

Take a beach bag or tote bag

While going to the beach you are likely to carry some things and necessary accessories with you. So why not carry them in a fashionable beach bag? Whether you are already carrying things or planning to shop at the beachside, bag or duck basket will always come handy.

No leaving room without sunscreen

Hitting the beach without sunscreen is a bad move. Your skin needs the utmost protection from the sun especially when you are at the beach. The harmful UV rays emitted from the sun can cause sunburns. Without fail, carry sunscreen lotion along with you and don’t forget to wear it all over your body exposed to the sun. 

Pack flip flops 

Your beach holiday is incomplete without a cute and comfortable pair of flip flops. Of course, you cannot wear heels or shoes on the beach. It will not only look unfashionable but is also uncomfortable for walking on sand. Don’t worry, it won’t even occupy much space in your luggage. 

Sunglasses are a must 

Whether for fashion or for vision protection, your beach look cannot be completed without sunglasses. It’s a must holiday accessory and it is also necessary for protecting your eyes from the dangerous UV rays that can affect your eyes. Why just one pair, carry as many pairs of sunnies as possible to blend it with your different outfits and looks. You can easily find the super fashionable and protective range of sunglasses online and that too at affordable prices. 

Even pack hats

Again like sunglasses, even hats are fashionable as well as protective. A broad-brimmed hat is perfect for a beach holiday. This will make you look beach-ready as well as protect your face from suntan and sunburns. You can have a couple of hat options to complement varied looks. 

Pack your activewear

Holidays are not just for relaxing and laying lazy on the beach. Have you ever witnessed the freshness of beach mornings? If not, this time when you head to Gold Coast, try getting up early and go for a fantastic walk or cycling on the sandy paths. It is super fun and will help to keep you charged up the whole day. For these fitness activities, you will need your activewear. So surely carry them along with you. 

Some Turkish beach towels

After soaking up some sun and water, you will need to dry yourself and this is when the super quick dry tool, Turkish towels will come in use. Surely carry them. And of course, you will be having a beach bag along with you, you can keep the towels in them. 

Spend some time reading 

After spending a fun-filled day, it’s time to spend some time in tranquillity. If you enjoy reading, the beach could be the best place on earth. You can just get lost and won’t even realize. You can carry any of your favorite books and if it’s adding to your luggage, no worries, you can simply download the best picks from kindle and rejuvenate with some reading sessions.

So that’s it, you are ready to go. Enjoy your vacay.  

Davis Martin
Davis Martin
I am a Master's student in Computer Science with a plethora of both research and writing experience. Currently living in Australia.
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