Cleaning tips to help you get your bond back

Cleaning may be the very last thing on your mind when moving out of your current home.

It may seem as if it’s a waste of time. Why would you waste your energy cleaning up if you’re moving out in the first place? In what ways would this benefit you? Why not save the time and energy in packing up your beloved items, clean the place you will move into instead?

Remember, it’s one of the tenant’s responsibilities to maintain the home’s condition and cleanliness and return it with the same status as it was first rented.

Little do most people know, landlords – if satisfied with the neatness of your home, have the option to hand back the so-called tenant bond money. At least, if you’re from Brisbane or nearly at any point in Australia.

To sum it all up, a clean house equals a return of your bond money, but is it worth it?

Typically, the bond money is more or less equivalent to a month’s complete rent. Unless you’re confident with your savings and may not need the extra income, it’s time to start picking up the broomstick.

But say you’re too busy to actually start the cleaning and your move out is just in a matter of days, are there any other options?

After saving money to one of the cheapest conveyancing in Brisbane, you might want to consider getting a quality professional help from an end of lease cleaning professional.

Brisbane cleaning services offer specifically intended for your end of lease requirements. Such cleaning services involves, but is not limited to:

  • Stain Removal
  • Walls and Windows Cleaning
  • Bathroom Cleaning
  • Fixtures
  • Lighting
  • Kitchen
  • Heating/Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning
  • Oven/Stove-top Cleaning

In order to get your bond money, you may need to spend a little first. Hiring a professional end of lease cleaner in Brisbane may cost you around $15 per hour, or a flat fee of $300.

What do you usually get with the $300 package?

For the basics, the $300 will cover an average sized two-bedroom home spotless clean (doors, walls, windows, and carpet cleaning). This also includes the bathroom with kitchen (oven and stove) cleaning.

If you’re opting for a larger, three-bedroom home, prepare at least an estimate of $400 to cover every corner of your home.

Professionals, as expected, will deliver satisfaction not only for you but also for your landlord. This can guarantee and give you the confidence in getting the bond money refund.

Why hire professional end of lease cleaning help?

Cleaning, if you first think of it, is something that you can possibly handle yourself. After all, what’s so difficult with getting a little elbow grease if it could potentially save you up to $400?

First and foremost, be careful not to underestimate the strenuous work required in getting any home spotlessly clean and look brand new.

Brisbane’s end of lease cleaning is so much more than just scrubbing floors and vacuuming carpets. This requires actual polishing of furniture and appliance nooks that you’ve never even bothered to see before. Whether you like it or not, it’s going to be filled with years’ accumulation of dust and insects.

With experts handling your house, coupled with the perfect and tested sanitary equipment, you can guarantee the satisfaction coming from you as well as your critical landlords.

Planning to get some end of lease cleaning done? We have listed down tips to help you get the most out of your end of lease cleaning contract.

5 End of lease cleaning tips to get your bond back

  1. Get all your things moved out

Instead of letting cleaners rummage through all your items, trying to shuffle everything at once, try moving out all your items before cleaning.

Cleaning an empty room is so much easier and quicker to move with than a stuffed one. Not only do you have enough space to move around, you also get to see every corners and nook of the room freely at a glance.

Besides, end of lease cleaning with all your unmoved items will limit your cleaner’s potential to properly sanitise the house. It also raises the risk of damaging your personal items throughout the activity.

  1. Keep a checklist close

Focus not only on the overall cleanliness but also with the nitty-gritty corners of every room. Keeping a checklist close will help you determine the unclean and damaged areas without unintentionally forgetting.

List down all the activities you must do, as well as the specific areas of the house you need to clean.

You can also use this checklist as a report to hand over to the property owner upon final inspection.

  1. Time limit each room

Your cleaners can only have such limited time, most especially if they are working for you on an hourly basis. Spending an entire day in one room isn’t helpful at all. In fact, this may be counterproductive, if it means other sections of the house would be ignored for the sake of one clean room.

Monitor your cleaning agent’s time spent per room. Try not to get them stuck in one thing for hours while purposely neglecting the other rooms.

  1. Clean outside

If your home has a designated outdoor area, please don’t forget to extend your cleaning outside.

Remove unwanted weeds, mow grass, and prune the plants prior to your landlord’s inspection. Remember, your first home inspection will not be limited to only the interior of your home but it also includes your lawn.

  1. Trust the professionals

Experts are experts for a reason.

Take the time to check the company’s reviews, insurance, and the outline of their policy that all of these will be in your favor before signing off a deal.

Their years of experience in satisfying landlords all over Brisbane is enough to give you the peace of mind that the bond money will favour you in no time.


Isabel Crate
Isabel Crate
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