Tips for cleaning and tidying your home

Organizing your house and doing spring-cleaning is a process – there are many things you have to think about to ensure your home is in the best condition. To make sure you aren’t forgetting something important and simplify your seemingly endless tasks, here are our best tips for cleaning and tidying your house!

Be efficient and clean as you go

Make your chores go faster by addressing the mess earlier. Don’t let your dishes sit around – that often makes it harder for them to be cleaned. Once you finish cooking your dinner, soak all of the used dishes in hot soapy water so that they are easy to clean by the time dinner is finished!

Wipe up any mess made immediately – don’t let sauces harden on your kitchen surfaces! Addressing the messes before they can get worse will stop them in their tracks.

Multitask! Think about how you can make your cleaning process go faster. This can be done by picking out which chores take time. Things like washing the dishes or laundry require a lot of waiting time. Utilize that waiting time – mop the floor or wipe down the counters while soaking the dishes or waiting for the dishwasher cycle to finish.

Make a phone call while folding the laundry or listen to a podcast while hanging on your laundry – this will make the chore seem less like a chore and optimize your time!

Invest in a steam mop

Traditional mops are of the past, and steam mops or hardwood floor cleaners are in. The flat surface makes it so much easier and faster to clean your floors. You can cut down on the time and physical effort needed to clean your house by investing in a steam mop.

Organize your clutter

Chances are that your house is filled with things that you haven’t touched in a long time and no longer need. While you might think it’s harmless to keep those items around, they’re actually affecting the tidiness of your home by doing nothing but collecting dust and taking up space for the things that you actually use.

Instead of trying to find new places for your clothes or household items, make space by donating or disposing of what you don’t need. If you haven’t worn a clothing item in a year, you most likely won’t be wearing it in the future. Make room for what you love and give away what you won’t be using.

Keep this in mind when you are shopping! Often we buy things we have no real need for without thinking about where we will store it in our home. Your storage space is not unlimited – make good shopping decisions and don’t waste your money or space on unnecessary items.

Replace disposables with reusable items

Using reusable items rather than disposables can help you your household tasks! Cut down on costs, shopping time, and rubbish by using reusable household items.

Instead of relying on paper towels or wet wipes, use microfiber cloths. A wet microfiber cloth and some detergent can clean and sanitize floors, counters, tile and glass. Microfiber cloths are easy to wash, inexpensive, and reusable – meaning that you cut down on waste and costs! Having a damp microfiber cloth on hand helps you rid of any unexpected spills with ease.

Next time you go shopping, bring along a reusable grocery bag. While plastic bags can be handy to have around the house, sometimes you end up with way too many, or bags of useless sizes. To avoid this, use a reusable bag!

Sanitize the sink

According to Connect Cleaners, it’s important to make sure that your sink is properly sanitized being that it is in your kitchen, where you cook and clean. It might be hard to believe, but a dirty kitchen sink can have more bacteria than a toilet seat!

Make sure you’re incorporating cleaning the sink into your kitchen cleaning routine. Clean your sink out with soap and water. Then, spray it with vinegar. Spray again with hydrogen peroxide (separate from the vinegar) and then let it air dry.

To prevent water buildup on a stainless steel sink, you can buff it with a cloth and some mineral oil. This will deter mold and keep your sink clean for longer!

House cleaning can seem endless, but if you work smart, it can pass by in a breeze! Make sure you’re doing what you can to keep your house completely tidy and clean with minimal effort and exhaustion.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
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