Shannon Noll’s comeback

After seven years of silence from the Australian singer, Shannon Noll’s new album ‘Unbroken’ is set to release in February.

Shannon Noll has weathered a heap of career knockdowns throughout his life, with physical injuries providing the biggest grief for his occupation. After competing in Dancing with the Stars in 2010, Noll suffered permanent nerve damage when injuring his back.

The accident necessitated an emergency laminectomy, however this brutal accident is what actually inspired his new album.

The title of Noll’s new release is based on his journey back to health, in which he endured a difficult stage of regaining his fitness and wellbeing. Amongst the physical challenges, Noll also underwent professional changes. The singer swapped record labels and management, which became a further distraction to the album.

After such a long time off the scene, Noll has come out the other end more motivated and enthused than ever.

He was urged to leave the party scene after a recent argument in an Adelaide strip club, which became a highly publicized incident. With his actions being prominent in the public eye, he was forced to reconsider his choices in order to protect his career.

After his hit song ‘What About Me’ took off, Shannon Noll’s popularity was obvious amongst Australians. With Noll’s career beginning after his publicity on Australian Idol in 2003, he has been a part of the Australian musical landscape for over a decade.

The rock artist now also holds family responsibilities, with his family consisting of his three children and wife.  This comes with obvious challenges in balancing his domestic life with professional duties.

With all that now accompanies his life, Noll has adopted an air of professionalism. He takes every performance very seriously and is more conscious of his vocal abilities than his younger self.

The Album

Noll’s new album places an emphasis on the celebration of Australia, with his loyal fans inspiring him to write festive music. Noll has also received motivation from his favourite anthems of his childhood, such as Icehouse’s Great Southern Land.

Unbroken will feature the singles Southern Sky and Who I Am, which have already been released throughout the year.

After much anticipation, Australia will be able to hear Shannon’s new album on the second of February, 2018. It is said to be full of celebratory, uplifting and exciting new tracks to launch Noll into his comeback.


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