4 things to keep in mind when moving to Brisbane

Turning a new page in your life is always a tough decision, however, it is often the right one.

Whether you are moving to Brisbane because of a better job offer or a more pleasant living environment, it is something that benefits you and your family as a whole. Therefore, this is a sacrifice that you simply have to endure for everyone’s benefit.

Nonetheless, it might be worth your while to learn a thing or two about the place, in order to see just where you are actually moving to. Brisbane has everything from major sporting events to some of the country’s best beaches.

Knowing a few key point s before the move is going to be of great help in the transition between cities. 

A different take on seasons

One of the first things that people who move from Adelaide or Melbourne find odd in Brisbane is the fact that the winter is much milder. Apart from making for an overall more pleasant climate, a temperate winter also brings more than several advantages with it.

First of all, this means that flu and cold seasons are much shorter. Second, it means that your heating bills will go down, while the power consumed by your AC will go up in the summer.

Finally, those who are just planning the move might want to use autumn or spring for this occasion, due to the fact that the climate is dryer and therefore allows an easier move.

Streets Beach

Another thing a lot of people don’t know about Brisbane is the fact that it is the home of the only man-made inner-city beaches in the whole of Australia. What this basically means is that you don’t have to go to the ocean in order to enjoy the sun and the sand.

Streets Beach possesses facilities such as a carpark and picnic areas, while, as of several years back, it also offers the feature of free Wi-Fi. Finally, just like on any other beach, lifeguard patrols are regular, which makes the idea of enjoying this unique experience on a daily basis a much safer idea.

Cost-effective property

A lot of people major sporting events in Brisbane to be a so-called ‘smart buy’ and the reason behind this is the fact that such a purchase would be incredibly cost-effective.

You see, a major city like Sydney may have more job opportunities and pose as a greater business hub, yet Brisbane is one of the world’s top liveable cities, which should never be taken out of the equation.

Apart from that, the price of property in Brisbane is nearly half of that in Sydney, which makes the idea of purchasing a Brisbane property more than appealing.

Brisbane is also experiencing significant growth at the moment and has seen developments along the river making it ever more enjoyable living. With a growing city and already great weather, property prices are likely to rise and give you a strong return on investment. 

The move itself

Finally, you need to think about the act of the move itself, seeing as how, logistically, it will require you to get to know the place you are moving to much better.

First of all, you need to look into your options for truck hire in Brisbane. Needless to say, finding the right mover is half the job done. Next, you might want to inquire about a local storage facility, provided that you don’t have enough room at your target destination (at the moment) and selling, donating or discarding your extra furniture is out of the question for sentimental reasons.

Overall, checking these things online, before you actually decide to move, is always a smart choice. With the right amount of research, any project becomes substantially easier and moving is not an exception.

Knowing the right movers, the right storage company and the right month to move are all quite helpful. Inquiring about local commodities and attractions might strengthen your resolve to move while checking the price of the property and the reputation of the neighbourhood might ensure that you get the best deal possible.

After all, a decision like this should never be made lightly and without some careful consideration.

Tracey Clayton
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Tracey Clayton is a full-time mom of three girls. She’s passionate about fashion, home décor, and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”
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