Simple web design ideas to renovate your online presence today

The design of a website is one of the first interactions a visitor gets with the website itself. It is also one of the first critical interactions visitors and customers alike can have with a brand. First impressions may not necessarily be the last impression but are key to a brand’s image.

Why is such an impression key to creating a good brand image? Because it creates a lasting impression on the visitor and the customer alike.

There are more than a billion websites in existence on the cyberspace today. What is even more fascinating is that this number is growing each second. It is true that each website has to stand out among the rest.

If website owners, brands and organizations want users and customers to love their brand, trust it and return to it then they really need to make their website stand out tall. It would be a coincidence if one website looked exactly like the other.

But then again, no one can copy another one’s design. Else it will be a total disaster.

Is there a way for them to be inspired, stay consistently creative and create websites which are unlike others in the market out there?

Web design ideas to overhaul your online presence

We will now talk about the web design ideas that can help brands tweak their online presence, through the creation of a unique web design that can help the website stand out among the rest.

Is simple better? Well, it is if brands and organizations think about it. Addition of more site elements can overwhelm users and visitors considerably. Adding fewer elements or becoming quite frugal can really draw users and visitors away to others.

It then means a perfect balance (or a near-perfect balance) is best to keep the website afloat.

Here are some tips for brand to keep their web design crisp, simple yet pleasing:

1. A simple navigation bar is best

The navigation bar is a website’s most important element. It gives visitors an overview of the website itself and helps them navigate on it with ease.

However, brands and organizations tend to cram all their pages in the main navigation bar which is perceived as best practice at times. However, in the real sense it does not count as good practice because it overwhelms users quite badly.

Shoving all pages in the navigation bar will certainly do more harm than good.

Overwhelming users on the navigation bar will draw them away to other websites. The optimum practice is to feature at least six tabs with a few options in each tab. It will help them match their interests with available choices.

Simple web design ideas to renovate your online presence today
Photo: 27707, Pixabay.

2. Avoid usage of excessive colors

Usage of excessive colors will force visitors to go to another website because it will overwhelm users. Having a core color palette with a few main colors does sound good. However, using them all will again overwhelm users.

Avoiding black and white, using a few main colors on the website is good. Then, other colors from the core color palette can be used to add accent to the website’s elements. Louder colors can be used to highlight the call-to-action (CTA) button.

3. Rejoice with white space

Rejoice the presence of white space. Minimalist web design appreciates white space. Maximalist web designs appreciate it as well but in minimal amount.

It allows the web page’s elements breathing space and helps visitors avoid becoming overwhelmed by excessive website elements.

In case if brands forgot what white space; it is the gap of space between the website’s elements along the page’s borders and between the site’s content. Without white space, web pages will give website users and visitors the feeling of being crowded.


The aforementioned tips will help brands and organizations alike bring the best out of their website. It’s not about just minimalism and maximalism, it is about achieving the right balance in placing and utilizing website elements.

In case if brands feel confused, they can always consult a consistent web design agency.

No brand or organization should go ahead in designing a website if their confusion on the website’s design idea is not clear. They should not make their users and visitors feel overwhelmed. If they ever need a good agency for their website’s design overhaul, they can approach Branex without hesitation.

Syed Hassan is a cybersecurity expert at HostNoc. HostNoc is a premium IT solution provider that offers dedicated servers, web hosting, and many other IT services and products so businesses can fulfill their business needs.
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