5 fitness trends everyone should get on board with

If you want to reboot your old workouts, it is the perfect time to adopt the top fitness trends of 2017. It has been stated in a report that in the coming year, highly intensive body training will be adopted by the professionals, personal trainers and exercise physiologists.

The fitness industry is booming and people are moving forward for an unprecedented growth with the numerous health benefits. The fitness-lifestyle markets have a lot to offer and people are excited to welcome the new fitness trends for an active life.

If you have decided to be fit and in shape, shift your workouts and get the best results for a future health. You don’t have to already be in shape to pick up on the popular fitness trends, these are certainly for everyone!

Body Weight Training

Workouts without using equipment have become more popular. They can be easily learned and modified to suit with the ability level. It can be anywhere. These exercises are more efficient to achieve fitness under the guidance of personal trainers.

Pull-ups and push-ups are best to cut down the calories. This method has attained a high rank in the survey and more popular in current times. Squats, planks and lunges are other popular exercises which one can choose as per their body requirements.

The beauty of this trend is that it doesn’t cost much, if any money. You don’t need expensive equipment or sign up for a gym membership. These activities can be preformed in the home or at the local park.

Strength Training

The time has gone when the fitness buffs were limited to cardio. Today, strength training is highly in trend due to science-backed benefits which include boosting longevity, protection from diabetes, reduced back pain, building a muscular body.

Now, also women have realised that weight lifting will not make them bulky but burn their fat and increase metabolism. Exercises on motion strength equipment are also useful for performing rigorous exercise under the personal trainers and professionals.

gym personal trainer
Personal trainer can assist with strength training. Photo: Andrei111, Bigstock

Many gyms are now equipped with the best instruments for every type of functional training. There are many different types of strength training equipment available to use. If you are thinking about lifting weights, it is recommended that you have a partner or personal trainer to assist if you come across any difficulties.

Certified Fitness Professionals

People who want to hire personal trainers are increasing day by day. People working in the fitness industry are accountable and more professional than in previous times. Most people are starting to realise the sheer amount of benefits personal trainers can offer.

Gyms are now hiring the certified and qualified trainers to train people with the best exercises and intensive workouts. The occupation has increased and gained immense popularity due to the urge of people to become fit and healthy with an individual attention.

Trainers have become part of reliable gyms and offering fitness-related help to the clients with their experience and knowledge. Some personal trainers can also offer assistance in terms of diet. They can provide a list of suitable food items in order to meet the goals of the individual.

Functional Fitness and Personal Training

Functional training with kettle balls, TRX, Swiss balls, med balls, mats and ropes are offered to improve coordination, power, force, balance and coordination thereby enhancing the ability to do daily normal activities.

This has become a part of cross fit programs. People now demand one on one sessions to get the personalised and immersive experience for fitness. Quality training has been provided by the personal trainers on relevant equipment.

They even help in stretching exercises and cardio training for increasing cardiovascular endurance. Personal training has become popular today and will be adopted by the fitness-enthusiasts in the years to come.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT helps to burn calories with high-intensity exercises and having short rest periods. From pilates to boot camp classes and cross fit, all this has been counted in latest fitness trends according to a fitness survey. In this type of workout, the exercises are repeated after short breaks.

This type of workout can be done with personal trainers in small sessions. It further helps in improving metabolism and building a muscular body. Regular people, athletes and body builders are highly influenced by these intensive workouts. These workouts are highly popular among all people.

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