3 best sports to help you stay healthy

Participating in sports is one of the best ways to get and stay healthy as there are numerous health benefits associated with every sport. However, some sports are better than others for health efficiency, and these are our three best recommendations to stay fit.


swimming is a great way to stay healthy
Swimming is a popular low impact activity. Photo: 12019, Pixabay.

In Australia, swimming is one of the most popular sports in both summer and winter. It’s a great way to stay healthy and to also get fit, all the while having fun. The reason why swimming is so great for the body is because you have to work it against the resistance in the water, in other words it’s a great muscle workout that builds strength!

Whether you’re into recreational or competitive swimming, you will find the health benefits enormous. It will build your stamina and endurance, allowing you to keep going for longer, but not just in swimming but other activities too.

It improves your cardiovascular endurance, and helps to develop a healthy lifestyle for your weight, heart and lungs. When you go swimming, you’ll be doing a full-body workout at the same time as it forces you to use all of your muscles when swimming.


Tennis provides a full body workout. Photo: StockSnap, Pixabay.

Tennis is another one of Australia’s favourite and most popular sports that can be played at any and all ages. There are a number of different ways you can play tennis, and it can involve either two or four players, meaning you can enjoy it any way that’s fits you!

Due to the intense play, the constant movement, and the strategy involved that you’ll be using your whole body. This will increase your strength and agility at the same time. There is tremendous health benefits involved with tennis, but most importantly it works wonders on your social and mental health as well as the physical.

After consistently playing tennis, you’ll notice your muscles beginning to tone, becoming much more powerful and flexible. In tandem with this, your reactionary times will become exponentially better, leading to improved aerobic capabilities. As the calories begun to drop rapidly, your body fat will lower and your resting heart rate will be far stronger than the average.

Tennis is a great way to stay social, either through making new friends as you begin to play, or to keep in touch with the regulars by playing tennis whenever you can. Due to its recreational nature, playing tennis will relieve you of a lot of mental stress.


boxing helps to build your strength
Boxing is great for building strength and endurance. Photo: Andreas160578, Pixabay.

Boxing is one of the most intense and cardiovascular sports with the greatest potential of health benefits, however it is nowhere near as common or popular as swimming or tennis. By practicing boxing alone, the average person will find their athletic capabilities increase in agility, strength, co-ordination and endurance.

It is one of the best ways possible to get fit and maintain that fitness with ease. With regular boxing training comes exceptional benefits both physically and mentally. One of the first benefits you’ll notice is the enhanced cardiovascular health, improving the strength of your heart and lungs.

Not only does this increase your stamina and endurance for every day activities too, but you are protecting yourself from many possible heart diseases. At the same time, there will be improved body strength in both the muscle and bone, allowing you to punch or kick with much more power than before.

Boxing involves a lot more than simple strength, you need more precise and accurate hand eye co-ordination. Boxing will also help you decrease your stress levels. Overall, boxing is a fantastic full-body workout that will balance your body composition, keeping you in health and maintaining fitness.


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