9 short steps to a healthy lifestyle

The road to a healthier lifestyle has a shortcut and it only takes nine short pit stops to get there. You’re almost there and here are some tips to keep you going on the right track. A healthy lifestyle will also help you lose weight!

Replace Refined Carbs with Whole Grain Versions

Whole grain is a fantastic alternative to carbs. Photo: Tangyi178, Pixabay.

Did you know? Bad carbohydrates strip away beneficial fibers and make it difficult for our body to lose them. What are bad carbs? You can see them in soda, candy, artificial syrups, sugar, white bread, white pasta, white rice, pastries and desserts. Everything you like perhaps? Time for you start whole grain versions of everything.

Update your Playlist to Keep your Workout Fresh and Fun

Turn on the radio; blast the stereo if you want to fall in love with the shape of you. Pumping up your playlist can make workout your new jam.

Soda.  No Duh?

Satisfy your soda cravings with soda water. Photo: Ocus Focus, Bigstock.

You don’t want to be spending a million on your million dollar smile. Soda can cause plaque to develop in your teeth and also cavities and gum diseases. Because of high levels of sugar, sodium and caffeine present in soda it dehydrates your body and over a long time increases chances of chronic dehydration. That’s why there’s no Soda for you. Duh? Not even unsweetened ones.

If you really need that bubbly taste then we would recommend soda water. Soda water is literally just water with the bubbles! If you are looking to make your own soda water you should look at investing in a Soda Stream.

Activate Yourself

“You want a hot body? You want a Bugatti? You want a Maserati? You better work (out) bitch”. Be it the gym, walking, swimming, or dancing you got to do something to keep yourself active. It helps you burn calories faster and helps you be more productive towards that Maserati.


Keep yourself motivated with little rewards for your commitment to staying healthy. Photo: ShutterB, Bigstock.

Treat yourself with something exciting like a new bikini or a good pair of jeans after every milestone you achieve which will keep you going. It’s proven and is called the Operant Conditioning Theory in psychology where learning happens best when there is a reward.

Betty Shouldn’t have Bought the Bitter Butter, because Butter is Never Better

“Don’t use butter Betty, butter is bad.” It contains a lot of saturated fat which is bad for our system. Replace it with Coconut oil or Olive oil.

And I will walk 500 miles

While The Proclaimers walk 500 miles you should at least be walking 5 miles a day that is 10,000 steps on your Fitbit. Not a tough score to beat.

Veggie Delight

From your plate that looks like vegetable apocalypse transform it into a veggie friendly one by dedicating 75% of your plate to veggies. It helps you boost your metabolism and maintain a healthy blood pressure.

Slow down Tiger

Eating slowly helps you to eat less. Photo: Poznyakov, Bigstock.

Eat slowly. It only takes 20 minutes for your body to realize it’s full. So you can cheat your body into thinking it’s full.

Sleep on time

Your body needs 8 hours of sleep for muscles to recover faster and you’re less like to overeat after you’re fully rested.

Eat healthy, sleep more, activate yourself and get fit. Now you know your way to a better lifestyle. What are you waiting for? On your mark, get set and go.

Grace Woods
Grace Woods
Grace is an entrepreneur with a unique passion for all things blogging. She has worked with a number of different businesses assisting their profitability and success rate.
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