How to find a physiotherapist near Castle Hill

If you live in the Hills District of Sydney and have experienced a severe physical injury or are experiencing a debilitating physical condition, you would probably seek out a professional physiotherapist in Castle Hill or a surrounding suburb.

Aurum Health Care

With its convenient central location in the Hills District, Aurum Health Care  – is one of the most popular and well-respected physio clinics in the Sydney region. With more than 18 years of combined practising experience behind them, the team at this clinic has a great deal of expertise to bring to bear when formulating effective solutions for clients.

The business is aptly titled, with ‘Aurum’ being the Latin word for gold, implying their gold standard of service quality. In this respect, there is a clear focus on making sure clients have a pleasant and professional experience from start to finish.

Because you’re likely going to spend a fair amount of time at the clinic should you choose to engage Aurum, they have made a strong effort to ensure that they build positive and long-lasting relationships with their clients. Their approach focuses on providing you with the best possible results while never jeopardising on professionalism or safety.

The kinds of issues you can have addressed effectively at Aurum include stiffness, chronic aches, headaches and migraines, radiating limb pain, lower and mid back pain, neck pain, sciatica dysfunction as well as a loss of spinal flexibility. They also are able to provide assistance with improving back strength for patients.

Many of the patients undergoing treatment at Aurum are doing so on the recommendation of friends, family, colleagues and even acquittances who will often speak highly of the clinic’s focus on uncompromising quality of care. The clinic maintains honest, clear and reliable correspondence with patients so that there is never any confusion about when their next appointment is, when and how billing occurs and whether or not any cancellations are necessary.

They definitely work hard to give patients peace of mind, and this can also be seen in the thorough way each patient is handled upon initial engagement with the clinic. The 5-step process each patient goes through involves an analysis of the history of their issue, an analysis of the cause of said issue, discussion of evidence-based treatment approaches, discussion of strategies to avoid further injury as well as examine treatments to make sure they are comfortable with step that is going to be undertaken.

The staff at Aurum follow a strict set of core values that underpin the quality of service patients are provided with. This includes a commitment to the values of integrity, honesty, respect, trust and making a positive impact in the community.

Befit Physio

Befit Physio is a small, professional physiotherapy clinic that has a solid reputation for providing competitively priced treatments that give effective relief to their patients. Their clinic is equipped to handle issues like back pain, muscle pain, shoulder pain, neck pain as well as foot and knee pain.

The clinic also provides assistance to patients with sports injuries with a focus on helping professional athletes return to doing what they do best in the shortest time possible without compromising on their safe recovery. They are eager for patients to give them a call and begin discussing an effective treatment plan and pain management strategies without any unnecessary delays getting in the way of the relief they need.

While it is always most ideal to have treatments taking place within the clinic (due to easy access to equipment and ergonomically designed environment), Befit understands that some severe injuries may prevent patients from easily travelling to and accessing their facilities. This is why the clinic also provides ‘mobile physiotherapists’ who are able to, if necessary, travel to a patients home and provide treatment there.

The treatment patients receive in their home is of the same excellent standard as they would receive in the clinic proper. Being registered with all health funds, government agencies and insurers allows patients to ensure they don’t pay any more than the minimum out-of-pocket expense for their treatment with Befit.

How to find a physiotherapist near Castle Hill
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Elizabeth Yang Physio

Elizabeth Yang is an experienced physiotherapist operating independently in the Hills area who has been practising actively since 2005 after graduating from her degree in South Korea. After arriving in Australia, she graduated with a masters in rehabilitation from the University of Newcastle, expanding her skillset and, in turn, her ability to treat her patients.

Nowadays, Elizabeth has a high degree of experience in providing treatment and rehabilitation for musculoskeletal conditions and particularly issues of women’s health. She also has experience with helping clients with kinesio taping, dry needling, orthopaedic as well as neurological conditions.

Elizabeth’s approach to treatment focuses on the use of multiple manual therapy techniques as well as prescription of exercises patients can do privately to allow them to get back to their normal mobility as quickly as possible. Elizabeth also provides after hours appointments for patients who are unable to get to her clinic during regular practising times.

For anyone dealing with physical ailments that require the treatment of a physiotherapist in or around Castle Hill, you have plenty of great options available to you. As always, do your research and correspond with the clinic extensively to get as much information as you can before making a final decision.

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