Frederic Leyd explains the PRIA natural pain management system

Frederic Leyd is from PRIA Fitness, where he uses various body alignment techniques to help cure both short term and chronic pain for his clients. He also provides videos as a part of the programs to show people how to properly perform the recommended stretches and exercises so that they can manage their pain anywhere.

He also teaches courses in the PRIA methods, so that people can learn how to help others to manage their pain more effectively.

Frederic, how did you get involved with PRIA Fitness?

After working with numerous clients in a professional setting over 30 years, I developed PRIA Health & Fitness Academy. PRIA was developed to improve the outreach to those in pain that I could not personally see as a client. As the demand for my services grew, I could not take the time needed to help all who reached out to me. I knew I had to find a way to help as many as I possibly could. PRIA is a site where individuals, as well as professionals, can learn simple remedies to common problems. Much time and consideration has gone into the development of PRIA to make it as user friendly as possible, so the individuals using it can be pain free as quickly as possible. This has already proven to be a rewarding endeavour as those who have used PRIA thus far have been very satisfied with their results.

Do you see many patients in person, or is it mainly providing videos?

I do see as many clients as I possibly can, but as I mentioned above I cannot reach everyone at this time. I try to do workshops as much as possible so I can be hands-on with as many as I can, but even then time and space is often an issue. These videos have been able to reach those who cannot come to me. I work with individuals in foreign countries via video conference as well as those here in the States who cannot travel to meet with me. After the success of the video conferences I knew I could reach more through the type of platform that PRIA provides.

How do you work out which plan a patient needs to follow?

The free assessments provided on the PRIA site let me know which plan is needed. These assessments are the same type of assessment provided in person. I simply listen to what is going on with the individual and act on the cause that is generating the symptoms they are experiencing. Over the many years I worked with people, I noticed patterns of what worked for fast relief and I designed protocols based on those patterns.

How do your alignment protocols work?

There are three phases. Just as a house needs a solid foundation, the same is true for our bodies. If the foundation is weak or misaligned, there will be problems. So, the first phase starts with the feet and the arches which are the foundation of the body’s alignment. Second, we must loosen up the areas of the body (muscles) that are tight due to compensation from the weakened foundation that are causing misalignments and pain. Once loose, we can start rebuilding the muscles evenly on all sides to make sure the alignment stays permanently; alleviating the pain for good.

Is what you do similar to osteopathy or chiropractic?

No, I do not do any manipulation. My work revolves around an organic way for the body to function and correct itself. I retrain the body from the foundation up, essentially rebuilding it as it was intended to function. My goal is to give people control over their health by providing them simple yet effective tools. It happens that the body can naturally adjust but it cannot be forced. It happens as the body resets itself. In other words, the body is very forgiving if it is gently guided back with the proper exercise and stretching that is required to rebuild from the foundation up.

What is Plantar Fasciitis, and how do you treat it?

Plantar fasciitis is a symptom occurring following a collapse of our arches. The collapse means that the muscles are weak and overstretched. One of the greatest myths about plantar fasciitis is that the muscles in our feet are tight, therefore the solution is to stretch them. Any muscle being stretched would feel tight. But if they are already stretching, what are the chances of them improving? I have had countless people getting rid of all their symptoms overnight with the proper corrective exercises. The muscles in our arches must be activated with simple exercises.

Do you need a gym to follow the exercises in your videos?

No, all of the exercises and stretches are designed to be done without having to go to the gym. The goal is to give individuals control and make it easy to follow, simple yet, very effective. These exercises can be done anywhere. Nearly all the exercises take less than two minutes to provide lasting results. People are often baffled at the simplicity of the protocols, but even more so at the effectiveness. People have come to me barely able to walk, bent over, and had been hurting for months but in fifteen minutes walked out pain free.

Are there any common themes that run through all your treatment plans?

Yes, I always follow the same guideline with the goal to give the individual control by teaching them step-by-step. First, is to get rid of the pain to afford the individual functionality. It usually takes less than five minutes to be pain free in most cases, regardless if it is a lower back issue, neck, shoulder, knee or else. Then we start the corrective process by teaching the exercises. The goal is to set a new norm for the body. For this to happen, I provide people with very simple exercises they can do anytime, anywhere and it takes very little time and effort to get results.

Thank you Frederic for your time!
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