Jessie Jay reveals meeting Channing Tatum’s “lovely” daughter with ex Jenna Dewan

Jessie Jay spills details on her relationship with boyfriend, Channing Tatum and reveals meeting his daughter.

The 31-year-old singer opened up about her actor boyfriend in an interview with The Times in London published last Saturday. “Oh, I am very happy on 21 Jump Street!” she told the news publication. “I always look for a guy with a good sense of humor and good morals. And hygiene. A man who showers is very important.”

The couple was first seen together in October last year. Since then, the pair had been posting and commenting flirtatiously toward each other on Instagram. However, the singer admitted that initial media coverage of them dating was stressful at first.

“Chan and I got photographed before our relationship was even a thing and that created such pressure,” Jessie admitted. “We’ve needed time to get to know each other. We’ve just had our first holiday together, which was wonderful, but that’s all I’m saying.”

The singer goes back and forth between London where she currently works as a judge on The Voice Kids and in Los Angeles where Tatum lives. Jessie got cheeky and candid about her plan to spend more time with the Magic Mike star.

“I’m thinking about calling my next tour ‘Magic Mike and I’ and having Chan open for me as a stripper,” she quipped. “He’d do it too! That would sell some tickets, eh?”

The couple started seeing each other half a year after Tatum and his ex-wife Jenna Dewan broke off their marriage. They have a daughter together named Everly whom she met already. Jessie says that Everly is “absolutely lovely.”

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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