PGP Australia helps you get a head start in your industry

PGP Australia, also known as Premium Graduate, helps students to find internships and gain work experience in their industry. This is particularly valuable in areas that are hard to break into, particularly without local experience, references and connections.

PGP Australia helps students who need more industry experience to find a company that will allow them to work and learn, as well as make connections and get a reference for when they apply for a full-time position.

It can also be handy to use Premium Graduate Placements to find out if a career is right for you, or to narrow down which field within a profession you want to specialise in.

The internship company also provides training and mentorship programs to help their clients prepare for a professional environment. This is useful even before an internship, as if you don’t fully understand professional norms when you start working you can make a bad first impression which is difficult to shake.


After completing a university qualification in accounting, Premium Graduate Placements can be a useful pathway into the start of a professional career path. Accountants are essential at most large companies all over the world, and there a number of different pathways to follow within the profession.

PGP Australia has contacts at several accounting firms (or large companies with an accounting department) and can help to find internships for people who want to get some Australian corporate experience on their CV.

It can also help to figure out what path within the industry you should go down.

Accounting PGP Australia
PGP Australia helps find accounting placements so that you can learn from professionals. Photo: Fizkes, Bigstock


Information technology is a fast-growing sector, and once you get into the field it can be very lucrative. Once you have finished studying, going through PGP Australia to get into the industry is a great way to kick start your career and gain valuable skills.

Being able to adapt to different software and solve problems is crucial in IT, and this is what you will learn through a placement from Premium Graduate. The training that you get on the job is usually equally as valuable (at least) as your qualifications to an employer, so it is a great way to get started.


Marketing is a very wide field, where you could end up doing anything from advertising products and services to designing new products, deciding where to expand services or even web design and SEO. Getting Premium Graduate Placements to help you find an internship is a great way to help narrow your focus or, alternatively, get a wide range of experience to be ready for anything.

PGP Australia can help you add to your academic qualifications with real-world experience, which makes you far more attractive to your future full-time employers in marketing. No matter whether you want to go into digital marketing, advertising or marketing management, PGP Australia can help you to get started.


Human resources departments exist in virtually every sizeable company, and most smaller businesses use HR consulting firms to help them manage their employees. All of this means that going through Premium Graduate Placements to get into HR sets you up for a long career with a lot of options.

That being said, it can also be difficult to get into human resources without practical experience. There is a lot of competition for post-university jobs in this country, which is why PGP Australia provides a great opportunity for people to catch a break.

Civil engineering

There is a lot of construction going on in Australian cities, and the national population is projected to keep growing. Premium Graduate Placements have a lot of connections with civil engineering firms that can help you to get involved in this growing and competitive industry. The work experience you gain will give you a better idea of what your career will involve.

Employers in civil engineering want to see high academic grades along with relevant work experience and good, trusted references – and PGP Australia can help you to get the second two! They have a proven track record in helping their clients to develop and many of the people they find internships for end up being offered a job by their host company.

Engineering internships
Photo: Giggsy25, Bigstock

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering combines design, practicality and a strong knowledge of physics. The physics and design elements can be taught at university, but to practice and demonstrate your practicality you need to work. Unfortunately, lots of people are trying to get into the field because it is challenging, rewarding and well paid – but an internship through Premium Graduate Placements can give you an edge.

Getting experience in mechanical engineering with PGP Australia helps you to ground all of the theoretical knowledge you learned through the course of your degree in practicality and find out what your future job will entail. From a job searching perspective, an internship of a decent length will also make you more attractive to firms looking to hire.

Premium Graduate Placements

The benefits of going through PGP Australia for finding internships are many, regardless of what field you are looking to go into. Industry experience is a big bonus in any career, and the longer you go without it after finishing your degree the more your lack of demonstrated skills will count against you.

If you don’t have connections in your chosen industry it can be hard to break in, even with a tertiary education – after all, lots of people have a degree these days! Premium Graduate Placements can help you find these connections, as well as pick up some practical experience and learn about the professional norms in your industry.

This is especially true if you don’t have any work experience in the country. Employers can live with people who were recently students not having worked in the industry before, but they want to see some evidence of working and have a reference to call. PGP Australia gives you that, along with some handy skills.

If you didn’t have a job while at university then you need to find a way to get experience of working and have someone who will vouch for your ability to learn, adapt and take instruction. Having someone who is known within the industry vouch for you after supervising you in a PGP Australia internship is an ideal solution to the problem.

Premium Graduate Placements has helped a lot of people to find jobs and get experience in their field. More than half of the interns who go through them are offered ongoing work at their host company, which is really the ideal outcome (as long as you like the work). PGP Australia additionally boast that 90% of the interns they place find work in their industry within 4 months.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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