3 best accounting internship placements

Accounting is a competitive and rigorous discipline. Having a strong academic record in your accounting studies is certainly important, but in the recruitment process, employers search for more.

In this continually changing business landscape, coupled with the competitive nature of universities, developing your individual advantage is essential.

One key way of building your skillset and what you can offer to an employer is undertaking practical experience in the field. Not only will this allow you to develop technical skills by providing you with hands-on experience with accounting software, but it will help you in gaining soft skills too.

An accounting internship will give you exposure to the day-to-day activities of an accounting firm. This immersive experience will prepare you for working in the field, and provide you with an idea of how you should conduct yourself.

Your professional development will be furthered as you gain relevant experience and apply your theoretical knowledge into practical activities.

While gaining an internship placement is a great opportunity, it can be difficult to navigate the search and ensure that the company you intern for is reliable and worthwhile.

This can be particularly hard to do on your own, especially if you have limited industry knowledge and connections. For this reason, people tend to turn to intermediaries who are able to connect students looking for work with businesses looking for fresh talent.

These companies are beneficial because you can trust that your placement will be a valuable experience, as the firm you’re interning with will have already been checked. As intermediaries, these companies consider the preferences of students and firms, finding the best fit for each of their clients.

This makes the accounting internship search a lot easier and ensures you are matched with a firm that suits your preferences, not just the best firm you could find.

More and more of these companies are emerging as students have a higher demand for practical experience. It’s important that you contact a company who can be trusted to facilitate a valuable experience!

So, who are the top companies for accounting internships?

Rank: Business: Website: Best Feature:
    1 Premium Graduate www.premiumgraduate.com.au Comprehensive program
    2 Career DC www.careerdc.com.au International experiences
    3 Ecare Careers www.ecarecareers.com.au Robust business connections


Make sure you have a good accounting internship placement by contacting one of these three companies.

Premium Graduate

3 best accounting internship placements
Premium Graduate Placements. Photo: Screenshot: premiumgraduate.com.au

Premium Graduate offers a comprehensive Premium Graduate program that accounts for preparation and the development of soft skills, whilst offering you that coveted practical internship.

With a wide array of connections, from ASX listed companies to budding start-ups, Premium Graduate can connect you with the work environment you desire.

Almost 100% of students who have gone through the Premium Graduate accounting program have stated that it has helped them to gain the experience they need. Having that accounting internship placement on your CV significantly increases the likelihood of being employed after graduation.

But aside from the actual experience, Premium Graduate offers a lot of other benefits, too. What really sets this company apart from others is its highly developed program, which guides you through the journey of becoming more employable.

There are four steps to the Premium Graduate Internship Program:

  1. Building your career profile

Premium Graduate will take the time to sit down with you and offer counsel on the career that you want and where your preferences may lead you in the workforce. They will look at your skills, interests, and experiences to determine the accounting placement that you will benefit from.

  1. Skills development

Find yourself lacking in communication skills? No worries. Premium Graduate has you covered, with this being the next step of their program. Training you for interviews, giving feedback on your resume and guidance on your career path are all services that Premium Graduate offers.

You’ll be connected with Industry Mentors and skilled professionals in order to get the exposure and insight into the accounting profession that you need.

  1. Matching you with your host company

Once you are well-equipped for your recruitment process, your program consultants connect you with a host company which is best suited to you based on your career profile. You will then have an interview face-to-face or over Skype.

  1. Internship

You’ll then be ready to start your internship, which typically runs for 3 days a week over a 12 week period. Throughout your accounting internship, you’ll have access to Premium Graduate’s trainers, to whom you can direct your questions. You’ll also be covered by accident and public liability insurance over the duration of the internship!

At the completion of your internship, not only will you have gained practical experience and improved your soft skills, you will have earned two certificates: a nationally accredited statement for BSBIND201 – Work Effectively in Business Environment and a Certificate of Completion for the Premium Internship Program. You will also gain a reference from your internship provider.

Premium Graduate is extremely flexible and gives you the option to start your internship at any time or place, in any major Australian city. Simply agree on a start and end date with your host company.

Premium Graduate is a great option for individuals who are seeking a holistic program. It comprehensively introduces you to the working world, giving you the accounting experience you need to apply for graduate roles.


3 best accounting internship placements
Photo: Screenshot from careerdc.com.au

CareerDC is another great option. It follows a similar general process to Premium Graduate and offers international placements, so if you want the experience of working abroad, this is a good choice.

CareerDC is specifically geared towards students for whom it is necessary to complete an accounting internship as part of their degree’s requirements.

You will be able to obtain credit for your internship so it can count towards your studies. CareerDC is equally flexible regarding the start and end date and the location of the program.

Simply follow these six key steps to get started!

  1. Send your resume/CV to CareerDC
  2. Discuss your internship requirements over the phone
  3. Fill out the application form and pay enrolment fee
  4. Attend internships with host organisations until a successful match occurs
  5. Complete payment for internship search and placement fee
  6. Commence your internship

Unlike Premium Graduate, CareerDC does not offer specialised mentoring or training, but still cuts down the search time for you. If you’re stressed about searching for an accounting internship, CareerDC will match you to organisations until a successful match is made.

Ecare Careers

3 best accounting internship placements
Photo: Screenshot ecarecareers.com.au

Ecare Careers is another good option for those searching for a professional placement in the industry. Specialising in the business industry, Ecare Careers offers services from internship matching, graduate job search, and courses in excel and SAP.

If you are looking for an accounting internship, Ecare Careers is a good company to use. Much like Premium Graduate, Ecare Careers offers career consulting to help you figure out what path you want to take. Ecare also offers tutoring classes for Professional Certification exams.

With a range of services to assist in your professional development, Ecare Careers is definitely one to consider. Ecare Careers is catered towards students, graduates, working employees, sole proprietors, and local enterprises!

As a student, Ecare Careers can help you nurture your professional development and encourage you to develop a career path and professional network. They pride themselves on connecting people to the right companies.

Which accounting internship will you go with?

3 best accounting internship placements
Photo: fizkes, Bigstock

An accounting internship placement is a valuable asset to your employability. Not only will it look good on your resume, it will help you to gain technical and soft skills that will contribute towards your personal development and allow you to thrive when you get into the professional work environment.

No matter what company you choose in the end, having any accounting internship placement under your belt is a great accomplishment.

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