How using Instagram stories can help you increase your brand awareness

In a world where technology keeps developing, changes and improvements are inevitable. Willingly or not, we can only adjust and adapt to it as time goes by. The same goes with socialising and communication.

Back in the day, we used to only use telephone or send letters to interact or communicate with other people, and if we lost contact with some of them, we would never know where they were and what happened to them.

As time passes by, communication is now made easy with social media platforms, where you can find the people you may have lost contact with before just by typing their full name on any social media platform and you can finally get in touch with them again. Not only that, you can also meet new people. We never know, right?

Setting socialisation aside, another way of using social media platform is also taken to another level by business owners where they use it for business only. The aim is to reach as many people as possible so their target audience will know about their business and what they offer. One of the most popular social media platforms frequently used for business is Instagram.

Basically, it is easier to use Instagram for business because Instagram focuses on photos and videos that can straight-forwardly deliver business. However, just as mentioned in the first paragraph of this article, changes and improvements are meant to happen as time goes by.

Of course, Instagram has been evolving from time to time. Now, ever since its new feature launched in 2016, Instagram has been more popular than ever. Yes, you may have used that feature before this article was written – the Instagram story. This article tells you how Instagram story features can help strengthen your business’ brand awareness. Keep reading to find out.

First of all, what is Instagram story and why is it popular?

Instagram story is a feature on Instagram that lets you share a photo or a 15-second video above your timeline or home feeds that can only last for 24 hours. Once it has reached 24 hours already, the photos or videos you have shared will disappear (unless you highlight them – this highlighting is also a new feature in 2018). Not only that, the feature also lets you know who views what you share. So, what makes it special for business use? Well, here are…

The benefits of using Instagram story for business

Just like you as an individual, your target audience is also using Instagram story feature and almost all of them use it on regular basis. Some of them are even addicted to it. Therefore, the key point here is that your business can get more opportunities to be discovered by your target audience if you use Instagram story feature for your business. It gives you a chance of interacting with them and they will also be well-informed about what’s new in your business, what kind of promotions you are offering, as well as how improved your business is – all can be said in a single photo or video using Instagram stories. In short, using Instagram stories can let your target audience know that you are “alive.” That being said, you can only get the benefits if you do it properly with these…

Best examples of using Instagram stories

  • Share articles. Just like sharing articles on Facebook, Twitter, etc., you can also share articles on Instagram stories using swipe up feature there. This can also lead more traffic to your website.
  • Share behind the scenes. Sharing your behind-the-scene projects can also make your followers aware what you are up to and aware of your activity. This can build trust and credibility within your brand.
  • Become interactive. Using Instagram story will allow you to be more interactive and engaging with your followers, making sure they know you will always stay up to date. Another good example of using Instagram story to be interactive is by asking questions or creating polls. This will let them know that you care about their opinions.
  • Takeovers. If you are having special guests to promote your business, you can let them take over your Instagram account and let them communicate with your target audience. Special guests, whether they are Instagram “celebrities” or real celebrities, are influential people who know what they are doing. Letting them take over can help you increase your brand awareness and make more people – especially your target audience, recognise and trust your brand.

That’s how Instagram stories can help you with your brand. Remember to always use it properly and avoid using bad languages that will kill your followers’ interest. Using it wisely while having fun at the same time can boost your natural interest in attracting more target audience to your business.

George Papdan
George Papdan
CEO of, a creative agency providing a suite of web development, design, E-Learning, application and mobile solutions, as well as SEO services.
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