An interview with Famoid, a rising social media tech company

How did Famoid Technology come about?

Famoid Technology is actually built on the structure that provides many kind of social media services in one hand. Together with my business partner, we thought that such a system was missing in the world market. We had our venture in this direction about a year ago. Within a year we have constantly developed our systems to meet the needs of our customers and now we are one of the most preferred social media services companies in the USA and Australia. It was a very honorable development for us.

What kind of business background and experience do you have? How has this shaped how you developed the company?

Actually we are software engineers (me & my business partner). We have been developing many web applications and mobile apps as well. About 3-4 year ago, we have created an app that shows the statistics of social media accounts of people like “who unfollowed you” etc. We met a very large demand and thus entered the social media services sector. At the end, we have established Famoid in order to transfer our experiences to our customers and to make everybody happy in this sector.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in establishing your company?

The social media sector is not as simple as it looks. For example, structural changes made by major social media companies, such as Instagram, have a direct impact on the software we create and you have to be in constant updating. I can say that this is one of the biggest problems.

How has the field of social media consultancy changed since you’ve been in business? How have you adapted?

In particular, changes in social media circles, such as Facebook, can change the demands of our customers. For example, with the addition of a new feature of Facebook like adding “Stories feature” into Facebook, our customers want to buy this feature through our system, and we have to make software developments for this. The demanded structures of digital products can change very easily and you have to keep up with it very quickly and effectively.

What is the most important objective for Famoid Technology in its day-to-day operations?

It is our most important operations to deliver the service to our customers as fast as possible and to provide customer support 24/7, as well as keeping our software constantly up to date.

How would you describe Famoid Technology’s philosophy and place within a rapidly changing industry like social media?

Famoid Technology, regardless of changes in the industry, will work hard to become a customer-focused company. We will try every way to give our customers the best quality service.

What is your vision for the company in the future?

As Famoid team, as I have mentioned before, we will always give our customers the best and highest quality service regardless of the changes. Besides, we will be the most preferred social media services company in Australia and USA in a very short time with our different production and customer approach.

There are many companies that provide social media services. However, Famoid is the one which provide essential social media services in one website, you can reach them at:

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