5 Tips for designing a landing page with a super high conversion rate

Are plenty of people clicking on your adverts but ultimately failing to convert into business? Or perhaps you are doing relatively well but want to maximise your performance? Whatever the case, this is the article for you. We’re going to share some high-value tips for designing a landing page that has a super high conversion rate. Ready?

1. Hire a UX designer (or invest in a premium template)

It might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised by how many people either skimp on templates and go for the basic free versions or try their hand at designing their own without any real experience or understanding of UX design.

Invest in a high-quality landing page if you want the best chance at upping your conversions.

2. Add an interactive lead magnet form

Having an interactive lead magnet form on your landing page can help increase conversions as it allows you to collect all of the necessary data to better understand a prospective customer’s needs.

Not only that, but if you delight your inbound leads with a free ‘high-value’ eBook, you can get more signups to your email list and continue nurturing any page visitors who don’t immediately buy. For example, an agency that specialises in SEO in Sydney who are looking to work with more businesses in their local area might offer: “The definitive guide to perfecting your local SEO efforts”, packed with free value and demonstrating their authority.

If you do go down this road, make sure you:

  • Put the form above the fold.
  • Include essential fields only.
  • Identify the optimal character count.
  • Include an enticing CTA.
  • Add a privacy policy for further credibility.

Remember, be 100% transparent about what users will get when filling out a form.

3. Craft the perfect call to action

It doesn’t matter how good your product, copy, or offer is if you don’t have a well-written call to action that compels people to move forward.

  • Keep it simple.
  • Make one specific request.
  • Use bright colours.
  • Include persuasive language.
  • Make it fool-proof.
  • Offer incentives.
  • Split-test various CTAs to see which works best.

4. Add a multitude of social proof

Don’t expect your prospects to just take your word for it. If you want a credible landing page with a high conversion rate, offer the proof in the pudding; add loads of social proof by way of:

  • 5* reviews.
  • Case studies.

5. Take the prospect on a journey

Take your page visitors on a journey when they arrive. You want to begin by touching on some of their biggest pain points and then invariably lead them toward your positive conclusion. If you want people to fully understand your value proposition, you need to not only resonate with them and demonstrate that you understand their biggest fears and concerns, but also offer an irresistible solution.

Sales copy is a fantastic way of articulating this, however, don’t neglect the power that a well-crafted video can deliver as well.


So, let’s recap:

  • Hire a UX designer to create the best possible landing page for you.
  • Add an interactive lead magnet form to capture and nurture those who don’t immediately buy.
  • Craft an irresistible call to action and make the button fool-proof.
  • Add tons of social proof for further credibility.
  • Take the prospect on a rollercoaster ride by addressing their pain points, demonstrating your deep understanding of their needs, and providing the perfect solution.

If you follow the above tips, split-test multiple messages, and never give up, eventually you’ll dial in your landing page to a point where your prospects will be converting like crazy!

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