How to find prescription glasses online

Want to know how to look great in prescription glasses? From colour theory to face shape, this article shares the secrets to finding your perfect pair. Secret number one: shop online using Optically to access the latest eyewear trends!

Get an eye test done

If it’s been a while since your last trip to the optometrist (i.e. over a year), you’re probably due for another eye test. Ensuring that your prescription is up to date means that your new specs will work properly and last longer. Make sure you ask your optometrist for a copy of your prescription as they don’t always give it to you if you don’t ask.

Set a budget

Establish upfront how much money you have to dedicate to your new glasses so that you don’t overspend. Things like designer frames and lens add-ons can end up costing you a lot extra if you’re not careful.

Select a style

Now for the fun part – choosing your frames! To help you find the right style for you, it may help to keep these in mind:

Face shape

Your face shape can help you identify the right lenses for your face. Here’s some advice for each face shape:


Round face shapes (with full cheeks and a rounded chin) suit strong frames which have lenses wider than they are tall.


Heart-shaped faces (with a broad forehead and narrow, pointed chin) are well-matched to frames that are wider than their forehead and which have details on the lower half.


Square faces (with prominent jawlines, a wide forehead and angular features) are well-suited to thinner and more rounded frames.


Oval faces (with balanced features and chin narrower than the forehead) suit a range of glasses; consider a balanced frame with bold patterns and textures.


Your hair and skin colour can affect the frame colour that will suit you. Generally, warmer hair colours and skin tones are well-matched to similarly warm colours, whereas cooler hair colours and skin tones suit cooler colours like blue and green. Dark brown or black hair often looks great with earthy tones like greens, browns and gold. Got grey hair? Bright, bold colours will look especially wonderful.

Prescription glasses online
Photo: Radu Florin, Pexels.

Trying them on

Your supplier should also be able to mail you out a sample pair of frames so that you can try them on in person to check if they suit you. While most online stockists have a virtual try on option, it may not be as helpful as putting on the real thing.

Choose your lenses

There are two main things to consider when selecting your lenses: visual needs and coatings.

Visual needs

Perhaps the most important element is ensuring that your lenses suit your visual needs. That is, do you need single-vision or multi-vision lenses? Glass or plastic? Do your research to ensure you get the right lenses for you.


There are many different kinds of coatings, from anti-reflective to UV protective. Anti-scratch lenses are a good idea for active and/or the clumsy amongst us, whereas blue-light filter lenses might be useful for people who use computers a lot. Your options expand if you’re buying sunglasses, allowing you to select your preferred tint and gradient.

Finishing touches

You’ll need to enter your prescription, shipping and payment details to ensure that your specs reach your front door. Then, simply sit back and wait!


Update your eyewear wardrobe with some stylish and cost-savvy new specs. Shopping online is one of the easiest ways to buy new glasses – you can do it all from the comfort of your home!

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