Trends in technology that are changing the world

As human beings, technology is how we describe the tools and mechanisms that make certain elements of our lives easier. Historically, the earliest forms of technology as we know it came in the form of simple tools like spears, clothing and early cooking techniques.

The most prevalent and far reaching technologies are those that harness resources found in the natural world and refine them for human use.

This can be seen in the rise of agricultural technologies that streamlined food production to provide for larger populations. Military technologies have shaped the global political makeup since the earliest forms of warfare and those with the latest and greatest weapons would end up winning the conflict.

It is this kind of aggressive technological advancement that lead to the development of nuclear weapons, tools so destructive that their use is relegated to the most extreme circumstances.

It’s clear then that technology, being neither inherently good nor evil, continues to shape the future of human life in dramatic ways. As you read this there are engineers and scientists working on cutting edge technology that is set to again change the paradigms of our society.

As we can see, technology has always had a huge impact on the world from the industrial revolution to the current internet age. Smartphones and computers have also had a major role to play in how the global economy and entire countries function. Going forward, however, some new players are emerging with big ideas for the future.

To be clear, a lot of the current trends are going to remain available for you to make use of even with new tech trends in the field. You can still get great discounts when shopping online, which you can check out here. You will also not likely see huge changes in how services are rendered at their core.

With those comforting thoughts to keep you grounded, let’s get cracking, shall we?

Artificial Intelligence

The biggest and most obvious tech trend that is expected to have a huge impact on the world, perhaps not entirely in a good way, is artificial intelligence. AI and machine learning are already being employed right now, although in much more primitive form than true artificial intelligence. However, as machines become more intelligent, they are expected to take on more complex tasks and replace humans where they can perform more efficiently.

Some experts even predict that in the future, much of the world’s most mundane jobs are going to be taken over by AI. Speaking of which;


Trends in technology that are changing the world
Several manufacturing industries have already been using automated robots in their production lines for a number of years. Photo: Jarmoluk, Pixabay

With AI inevitably comes automation, which is expected to cause a major shakeup in the global jobs market over the years to come. There are already predictions that over half of all blue collar jobs will be taken over by machines, with industries such as communications, logistics, food service, and even healthcare replacing humans with intelligent robots.

This is the only logical path that companies can take since automation means a substantially lower overhead expense and significantly higher production rates. Obviously, the technology hasn’t gotten to the point where it can replace all human workers in sectors such as manufacturing, but it’s certainly getting there.


The decentralized network called Blockchain is currently speculated as a platform that will affect numerous different markets. It’s already having a major financial impact via Cryptocurrency, but it can also be used to remove many of the red tape in transactions such as banking, stock trading, booking the perfect hotel, government document filings, and even voting.

As a digital ledger that is nearly impossible to hack, offers full transparency between the parties involved in the transaction, and gets rid of middlemen, Blockchain is already gaining prominence in many countries. It’s even speculated that it will make things like providing aid countries in need or alleviating poverty much easier.


Finally, there is robotics, which hasn’t actually had much of a chance at really affecting the world as people back in the 60s to the 90s might have thought. Now, though, entities like Boston Dynamics are making significant headway in creating actual machines with the mobility, agility, and sophistication to potentially bring the utopian future that sci-fi shows have depicted.

There are still some kinks to work out, of course, but the current rate of progress is expected produce markedly capable machines in the next decade or so. There are also giant robot suits of armor doing battle right now, just so you know.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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