Everything you need to know about The Bachelorette Australia

The Bachelorette Australia is an Australian reality television spin-off of The Bachelor and an adaptation of the U.S version of the show of the same name. The first season of the Bachelorette aired in September 2015.

What is the premise of The Bachelorette Australia?

The Bachelorette centres around a single bachelorette interacting with a pool of male romantic interests with the aim of finding new love or a potential future husband. The central conflict of the show stems from the competition of the men competing for the bachelorette’s attention and the elimination style format of the show.

The show is primarily a dating show where men try to win the affections of the bachelorette. In the beginning of the season the bachelorette goes on number of large group dates and eliminated the men she feels are not a potential match. As the show progresses, other men are eliminated following single dates or two-on-one dates.

The Bachelorette culminates with a number of dates involving family visits and dates in exotic locations.

There are several key elements to the show including;

Single Dates

The bachelorette can decide to invite one of her love interests on an intimate one-on-one date in order to better get to know her love interests. The single dates give the bachelorette a chance to investigate her relationship with the men that she feels might be a good match for her. If the date goes well than the bachelorette might present her date with a rose ahead of the ceremony, signaling that he is safe ahead of the elimination round.

Group dates

During group dates the bachelorette and a large group of male participants take part in a group activity. The aim of the group date is to give the bachelorette the opportunity for group bonding and getting to know the men as a part of a group. Group dates frequently take the form of a competition but can also involve more general group bonding activities. At the end of the group date the bachelorette can choose to present a rose to the man who most impressed her during the date, saving him from elimination.

Rose ceremonies

Rose ceremonies are the elimination function of the show and occur at the end of every week. Each man stands to one side in row and waits for his name to be called. The bachelorette presents a rose to the men she hopes to keep in the competition and get to know better. Each man is asked if they will accept the rose. The final man left standing is given the opportunity to say goodbye before they are booted from the show.

Hometown visits

Towards the end of the show the bachelorette is given the opportunity to travel to the hometowns of her final four suitors, where she meets their families and stays for an overnight date. After the visits the bachelorette eliminates one man, bring the final number to three. The number is then whittled down to two after a number of dates.

The finale

In the finale the bachelorette introduces her final two suitors to her family in her home town and then makes her final choice, declaring her love or affection to the man that she would like to date or marry after the show.

The Bachelorette Season 1


The first season of the show featured Sam Frost, the previous winner of the Bachelor who was jilted by Blake Garvey following their engagement. Sam Frost was a marketing professional from Melbourne who chose Sash Mielczarek at the end of the show. They dated for 18 months before announcing that they had split up.

The Bachelorette Season 2

The second season of the show featured Georgie Love, a journalist from Melbourne who chose Lee Elliott in the finale, leaving Matty Johnson heart broken. Matty later went on the feature in his own season of the bachelor. In September 2019 Georgia and Lee announced that they were engaged.

The Bachelorette Season 3

In season three of the show Sophie Monk was the bachelorette, she was already famous as a radio and TV personality in Australia. She chose Stu Laundy as her final choice but the relationship only lasted until Janurary 2018.

The Bachelorette Season 4

The season four bachelorette was Ali Oetjen, a health and fitness trainer from Adelaide who chose Taite Radley in the finale.

The Bachelorette Season 5

The latest bachelorette for the current season of the show is Angie Kent, a TV personality from Queensland.

Controversies surrounding The Bachelorette

Sam Frost, the first seasons Bachelorette was famously dumped by The Bachelor’s Blake Garvey and felt publicly humiliated after he broke off the engagement and chose to date the third runner-up from his season. She was reportedly heartbroken but got a second chance at finding love on The Bachelorette.

Bachelorette Ali Oetjen was embroiled in a cheating scandal after the end of her season on the show, which led to her getting dumped. Ali Oetjen was originally from Tim Robarbs season of the bachelor. She later appeared on The Bachelor in Paradise but things ended poorly with Grant Kemp after he claimed he caught her with another man during a house party. Ali disputed the claims, claiming that Grant loved the limelight and was just trying to get attention from the media. One of the contestants on Ali Oetjen’s season, Bill Goldsmith, found himself at the centre of a scandal after revealing that he was a racist after a tweet in which he stated ‘I’m finding it hard not to be racist right now’ about the Lindt café siege. He followed up with a racist tirade in which he claimed that 99% of racists were from Muslim countries, despite his friends challenging his views.

There was also a scandal involving contestant Ciarran Stott who was revealed to have worked for a gay nightclub.

Georgia Love was called out for hypocrisy after she slammed ‘Love Island’ calling it absolutely abhorrent, with people tweeting back at her about the hypocrisy of complaining about a dating show after taking part in one.

Sophie Monk’s season of the bachelorette was heavily criticised, with many believing that it was simply a publicity stunt. Sophie denied these rumours, but went on 6 Minutes to discuss her break up after the relationship fell apart. She stated during the interview that they had different morals, and that there were children involved. The couple was involved in a staged kissing scandal, which Sophie claimed they took part in because the media was saying she was not affectionate enough with her new boyfriend. The couple broke up during a trip to Canada which Sophie said made her realise their relationship had no future. There were rumours that the couple had broken up over Instagram which Sophie refuted.

The latest bachelorette Angie Kent has already been involved in a number of scandals including one of the contestants being secretly married, one of the contestants being an established actor, intruder Ryan Anderson’s entry being slammed as publicity stunt and ratings problems. Contestant Jess has reportedly behaved inappropriately on the set of The Bachelorette and has received death threats since being eliminated from the show.

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