Everything you need to know about The Bachelor Australia

The Bachelor Australia is an Australian television series which is based on the U.S program of the same name. The show is hosted by Osher Günsberg and first began airing on Australian network 10 in September 2013.

What is the premise of The Bachelor?

The show follows a similar format to its US counterpart, centring on a single bachelor who interacts with a pool of romantic interests in order to find love, or a future wife. The shows central conflict revolves around the elimination format of the show and the competition between the romantic interests who compete for the attention of the bachelor. At the early stages of the show, the bachelor embarks on a number of group dates with the woman vying for his attention.

As the season progresses the woman also get opportunities to go on single dates with the bachelor, who choose who he would like to see more of. There are also a number of two-on-one dates and cocktail parties that occur over the course of the show. Over the weeks woman are eliminated during ‘rose ceremonies’ in which the bachelor presents roses to the women he would like to get to know better.

In the latter half of the season the bachelor visits the hometown and families of the final four women in the competition. He also goes on a number of overnight dates to exotic locations with the final three women. The final two remaining women meet the bachelor’s family. In many cases the Bachelor proposes to his final remaining choice.

There are several key elements to the show including:

Single Dates

The bachelor can choose to take one of his love interests on a one-on-one date. These intimate dates give the bachelor more of an opportunity to get to know the women in the competition on a more personal level. If the date is going well and the bachelor is enjoying the company of the woman then he can present her with a rose ahead of the rose ceremony, this means the woman is safe from elimination during the ceremony and can feel secure that she will not be going home in that week.

Group dates

Group dates involve the bachelor and the whole group of woman participating in a group activity. The activity can sometimes take the form of a competition, or can be a less competitive activity that’s more about interacting positively with the bachelor. The bachelor will usually present a rose to the woman in the group who stands out during the date and makes a good impression.

Rose ceremonies

The rose ceremony takes place at the end of every week and involves the women who have not yet been eliminated from the show standing in rows with the bachelor facing them. The bachelor has trays of roses which he gives out to each woman he wants to keep in the competition. The bachelor will take a rose and call each woman by name. The woman is given the opportunity to accept the rose and will then move to the other side of the room. The woman who misses out on the rose is given an opportunity to say goodbye to their friends on the show and the bachelor.

Hometown visits

During the latter stages of the competition the bachelor makes his way to the hometowns of each woman to meet their families. At the end of the visits, one woman is eliminated reducing the number to the final three. A final episode airs ahead of the finale in which the bachelor goes on dates with the remaining three woman and then eliminates one, reducing the number to two woman ahead of the finale.

The finale

In the finale the two final woman meet the bachelor’s family and visit him home town. At the end of the episode the bachelor reveals which woman he loves, this woman becomes the winner of the show.

The Bachelor Season 1

During season 1 of the show the bachelor was Tim Robarbs, a chiropractor and model. The winner of the season was Anna Heinrich, a lawyer. The couple got married in 2018 in Manduria, Italy.

The Bachelor Season 2

In season 2 of the show, Blake Garvey as real estate auctioneer proposed to Sam Frost. The couple broke up before the finale even aired and Garvey got together with runner-up Louise Pillidge, who remained together for 18 months.

The Bachelor Season 3

In season 3 of the show, Sam Wood was the bachelor. Sam Wood was a business owner from Melbourne, he chose Snezana Markoski and presented her with a promise ring. The couple gotengaged in 2015 and had their first child in 2017. They were married in 2018 and had a second child in July 2019.

The Bachelor Season 4

The season 4 bachelor was Richie Strahan, a rope access technician based in Perth. Richie chose Alex Nation as his winner and presented her with a promise ring. The relationship ended in 2017.

The Bachelor Season 5


The season five bachelor was Matty Johnson, a marketing manager from Sydney who chose Laura Byrne and presented her with a promise ring. The couple announced in 2018 that they were expecting a child together after suffering a miscarriage earlier in the year. They announced their engagement in 2019.

The Bachelor Season 6

Nick Cummins
Nick Cummins. Photo: Marie Claire

Nick Cummins was the season 6 bachelor, a former professional rugby player who in an unprecedented move did not choose a winner.

The Bachelor Season 7

Matt Agnew, an astrophysicist from Melbourne was the bachelor in season 7 and chose Chelsie McLeod at the end of the show. The couple is currently still together.

Controversies surrounding The Bachelor

The shows first big scandal was in season 2 when Blake Garvey left Sam Frost before the finale aired. Sam Frost came out to slam Blake Garvey in the media, telling the public that he had left her broken hearted and broken up with her in front of the shows media executives. Sam Frost put Blake Garvey on blast on a number of occasions following the very public humiliation.

Another controversy surrounding Blake Garvey was when his past as a stripper was revealed. It was revealed that Garvey owned a company that supplied male strippers for hens nights and other events.

Season 1’s Tim Robarb was also revealed to be a topless dancer. Another later scandal involved two of the shows season 4 female contestants, Megan and Tiffany, who later started a relationship. Another scandal involved Leah Costa a contestant from Matty J’s season being outed as a topless dancer, in a widley criticised move she was asked to leave the show.

Another female contestant, Keira Macguire was revealed to have grown up in a cult with 63 siblings and no contact with the outside world, a cult that was started by her polygamist father Alistah Laishkochav.

The moment that Nick Cummins chose to reject both finalists was also highly controversial, with many women from the season coming out to say that they felt heartbroken and that they had been strung along. Competitor Brooke Burton revealed that he had told her his plans not to choose anyone.

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