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Being charged with a crime by police and facing the scrutiny of the criminal justice system is, understandably, one of the scariest situations you can go through. Even if you’re normally a pretty cool-headed person, suddenly facing the prospect of being punished by the state for a perceived wrongdoing can really rattle your nerves.

In this situation, the common-sense thing to do is to find and hire a lawyer to advise and represent you. Ideally, this should be solicitor who specialises in criminal law, and one who has experience defending against the offence you have been charged with.

However, even within the niche of criminal law there’s a lot of choices out there, and this can make it difficult to identify an ideal candidate quickly. In our search for a suitably reliable and experienced firm, we happened across Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia (CDLA) – a highly respected enterprise of senior criminal lawyers that has operated for over 20 years.

With the wealth of experience and expertise this firm possesses, we believed they’d be a good choice to explore further.

Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia – Contact:
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So, what did we discover? With their high degree of professionalism, depth of experience, and ease of access for clients, Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia is winning choice for anyone facing criminal prosecution in New South Wales. Let’s take a deep dive into why:

Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia (CDLA) Review

The first thing we noticed about Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia was their spread of practise locations across New South Wales. In their impressive 20-year history, Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia has expanded to cover most major populated regions of the state, with locations in Sydney CBD, Parramatta, Liverpool, Bankstown, Blacktown, Penrith, Wollongong and Newcastle.

This wide coverage across the state ensures that more people can get easy access to expert criminal defence at a practise that’s convenient for them to visit. It also helps to regionalise their services, allowing solicitors to become highly familiar with a particular municipality and the makeup of its local courts – for example, someone who visits the Newcastle firm will have the benefit of solicitors who are locally specialised in dealing with the Newcastle police.

Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia is home to a high percentage of senior criminal defence lawyers that have earned a reputation for getting charges dropped early, securing section 10 (no conviction recorded) rulings for first-time offences, and delivering not-guilty verdicts for their clients. While a specific result can never be guaranteed (since every case is difference), the lawyers at Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia give their clients peace of mind in the knowledge that their case is being worked on by some of Australia’s most senior criminal defence experts.

Some of the areas Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia’s lawyers have particular expertise in include:

  • Commercial drug importation and supply charges
  • Financial charges including fraud, laundering, and the proceeds of crime and murder
  • Assault charges, armed robbery and breaches of AVO
  • Possession of illicit substances, drink/drug driving, and all traffic offences

Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia – Fees and pricing

One of the things that really makes Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia stand out is their fixed fee pricing structure that guarantees what different results will cost if and when they are achieved. This gives peace of mind and transparency for clients about what the cost of their case will be.

For example, pleading guilty has a fixed fee of $1,650, while pleading not guilty to most common assault drug and driving charges will cost $3,300 (including GST and for firms in or near Sydney).

This pricing structure, that is clearly displayed on their website for people to peruse, acknowledges the fact that choosing to plead not guilty and attempt to actively prove your innocence is harder than negotiating a plea deal with police in an attempt to secure the most lenient punishment possible. This fair, transparent, and no-nonsense approach to how they charge their clients makes Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia and excellent choice for anyone who is concerned about what the total cost of securing expert criminal defence will be.

There are also no lock-in contracts. Prospective clients can get a full appraisal and free quote for their case during their first consultation.

Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia – Features and services

People who choose to engage Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia’s services immediately benefit from a wide array of supports that, for lack of a better phrase, make everything easier to deal with. Some of the features and services of Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia include:

Free initial consultation

Prospective clients are given access to a free initial consultation that allows them to speak with a senior criminal defence and traffic lawyer about their case and get an idea of what Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia is able to do on their behalf. During this consultation, people can expect the solicitor to demonstrate an eagerness to give them peace of mind about their case and outline how engaging support from their lawyers can help them to secure a favourable outcome.

Getting charges dropped early

One of the area’s Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia can boast a specialisation in is getting charges dropped early on in the criminal process by examining collected evidence, identifying failures in the prosecution’s case, and conducting tactful negotiations. In their 20 years of operation, Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia’s senior lawyers have achieved this result many times.

Realistic advice from senior criminal defence lawyers

The most valuable service that Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia provides is undoubtedly the expertise of their senior criminal defence lawyers. A lot can change in 20 years, and the fact that this firm has remained effective and relevant across two decades is a testament to great skill and passion of its lawyers.

Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia – Pros and Cons

To summarise our findings, here’s a list of the pros and cons we discovered during our examination of Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia’s business.


  • 20 years of experience
  • Wide spread of locations across New South Wales
  • Fixed fees to give transparency and comfort to clients
  • Specialisation in helping clients avoid the criminal justice system by having charges dropped or securing a section 10 (no conviction recorded).
  • Large repository of free legal information available on their website, including blogs and reflections from their own lawyers


  • Fees are slightly higher for locations outside metropolitan Sydney (concerning necessary travel costs to district courts etc.)
  • Only specialises in criminal and traffic law

Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia competitors:

Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia’s major competitors include:

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