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The team at Australian Criminal Law Group are known for being some of the best criminal lawyers in Sydney. Serving clients from offices in Parramatta, Blacktown and the Sydney CBD, we are Sydney’s top criminal law experts, with a reputation for fighting for our clients’ rights.

When you engage our services, you will have the empathy, commitment and experience you need to get you through your difficult situation and achieve a not-guilty verdict or the minimal penalty for your crime.

To help you decide if we are the right team to represent you, your first appointment is free. You can also talk to us about fixed fees or payment plans.

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The criminal lawyers at Australian Criminal Law Group have represented clients in some of the highest profile cases in Australia. This includes sexual assault, murder, large scale drug importations and drug supplies.

Each week, our lawyers also appear in traffic and other smaller matters. These involve everyday people who have been falsely accused of a crime or who wish to minimise the impact of a terrible mistake.

Australian Criminal Law Group’s criminal lawyers have received awards for excelling in their representation of clients. The accolades we have received include the prestigious Law Society President’s Medal, Human Rights Medal, Pride of Australia Medal, WSU Community Award, UOW Young Alumni Award, and Young Global Leaders Award.

Working closely with our many clients, our criminal lawyers in Sydney have a reputation for delivering the best possible results.


Having offices in Blacktown, Parramatta and Sydney’s CBD, allows us to represent clients in courts all over Australia.

Book an appointment at one of the following locations:

  • Sydney CBD Criminal Lawyers: 1/299 Elizabeth St, Sydney
  • Parramatta Criminal Lawyers: Suite 5, Level 1, 186-190 Church St, Parramatta
  • Blacktown Criminal Lawyers: 14/15-17 Kildare Rd, Blacktown


Australian Criminal Law Group was founded by partners Deng Adut and Joseph Correy in 2014.

Deng is a former child soldier and refugee from what is now South Sudan. Ambitious and determined, Deng managed to gain a law degree in Sydney and has dedicated himself to social justice causes since then. Deng was the NSW Australian of the Year in 2017 and has earned the Law Society President’s medal.

Born and raised in Sydney’s Redfern, Joseph Correy has advocated for justice for most of his adult life. As an activist, journalist and criminal lawyer, he has never shied away from a court case or cause he believed in. Joseph is one of the best criminal lawyers in Sydney, and represents clients predominately for serious crimes such as murders, sexual assaults, and large scale drug supplies. Passionate about getting the best possible results for his clients, Joseph’s services go above and beyond what most solicitors offer.

Other members of the Australian Criminal Law Group team include renowned drug lawyer and Senior Associate, Joseph Harb; and Steven ‘the Lion’ Mercael, who is recognised as one the best criminal lawyers under 30 years of age.

Australian Criminal Law Group is also proud to employ criminal lawyer Rebecca Black, who runs the ‘Justice Division’ of our firm. This division provides solicitors with the discretion to reduce prices on a case-by-case basis, offers payment plans in some circumstances, and handles Legal Aid applications on behalf of clients.


The team at Australian Criminal Law Group are dedicated and capable criminal lawyers in Sydney, Parramatta and Blacktown. We assist people with any criminal law matter, from traffic fines to murder charges.

Australian Criminal Law Group is different from other law firms and is renowned for being a business that puts communities before commerce and people before profits. To ensure clients have access to the best representation available, we offer free first appointments, fixed fees and payment plans. Our solicitors have the discretion to reduce prices on a case-by-case basis.

We employ a select group of skilled criminal lawyers who share our values. Our lawyers will fight tooth and nail for the best possible outcome, whether your case is a minor drug possession or murder.


The sought-after lawyers at Australian Criminal Law group represent Sydney clients in the following circumstances:

Drug Offence Lawyers

If you are facing any of the charges listed below, Australian Criminal Law Group will provide the help of an experienced criminal lawyer. The lawyer you engage will work closely with you to prove your innocence or minimise the penalty you face.

  • Possess a prohibited drug
  • Supply a prohibited drug
  • Supply a prohibited drug on an ongoing basis
  • Importing a border controlled drug
  • Importing border controlled precursors
  • Prohibited plants (cultivate, supply or possession)

Contact us for a free initial appointment and to discuss a fixed fee for our services.

Sex Offence Lawyers

Sex offences are serious charges which can result in heavy penalties, including time in prison. When representing you, we will ensure you understand each step of the proceedings so you can make the right decisions about how we approach your defence.

Our team has supported many clients and has an in-depth understanding of how to defend the following charges:

  • Aggravated sexual assault
  • Sexual assault
  • Assault with intent to have sexual intercourse
  • Indecent assault
  • Aggravated indecent assault
  • Aggravated indecent assault on a child
  • Sexual intercourse with a child under 10
  • Aggravated sexual intercourse with a child under 10
  • Sexual intercourse with a child between 10 and 16
  • Possession of child pornography (state offence)
  • Use of carriage service for child pornography material

Contact us for a free initial appointment and to discuss a fixed fee.

Domestic Violence Criminal Lawyers

You are entitled to professional and thorough representation if you have been accused of domestic violence or have had an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) taken out against you.

Our team has a clear understanding of the ins and outs of the legal process surrounding a domestic violence charge and can help minimise the consequences of these types of allegations. We will work closely with you for the best possible outcome.

Contact us for a free initial appointment and to discuss a fixed fee.

Driving Offences and Drink Driving Lawyers

The law is very strict when it comes to driving and many people find themselves suddenly facing criminal charges despite a clear driving history.

ACLG’s drink driving and traffic offence lawyers fight to save our clients’ lives from being destroyed because of a momentary mistake behind the wheel of their car.

We defend clients who have been charged with:

  • Drink driving (all ranges)
  • Dangerous driving
  • Driving under the influence
  • Negligent driving
  • Driving while unlicensed
  • Police pursuit
  • Refusal to breath test

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The process of applying for bail can be one of the most frightening experiences for accused people and their families. If unsuccessful, a person may stay in prison for weeks, months or years, waiting for their case to be finalised.

The impact of being refused bail can be devastating and we aim to prevent this from happening to our clients.

The lawyers at Australian Criminal Law Group frequently secure bail for our clients against the odds. To find out how to navigate this difficult and often complicated process, contact our team today.


Our clients come from all backgrounds and walks of life and we handle each case with the same level of professionalism and thorough attention to detail.

Other criminal defence services offered by Australian Criminal Law Group, which is regarded as one of the best criminal law firms in Sydney, Blacktown and Parramatta, include the following:

-Assault offences
-Break and enter offences-Fraud, Centrelink and tax evasion
-Firearm/Weapon Offences
-Robbery Offences
-Murder/manslaughter offences
-Offensive language
-Armed with intent offences
-Goods in Custody
-Police pursuit
-Offensive conduct
-Stalk/intimidate offences
-Stealing offences
-Terrorism charges
-Not guilty/guilty pleas
-Jury Trials

Contact us to discover how our team can represent you and achieve a positive outcome.


“Australian criminal law group is just the best of the best, if you need someone that you can trust, who understands you, who will do everything, yes everything to make you feel in good hands, no need to look somewhere else, I have been helped by Mr. Mercael Steven: a confident, attractive, professional, amazing, exceptional Lawyer. I wouldn’t have enough words to describe how amazing he is. I definitely recommend him to anyone and everyone who needs help and support.” – Haissam Weis, Jan 2019

“I can not recommend AC law group highly enough. From the beginning to the end Joe was professional, considerate and worked hard to resolve my case. Always contactable and would answer any questions that I had. Thank you very much for the service. The outcome was a huge success!” – James Rebbeck, Feb 2019

“These guys work hard for you. Always there when you need them. Never felt like they were only about the money. Recommend them highly.” – Vickie Scoullis, Feb 2019


Australian Criminal Law Group is 100 per cent dedicated to providing the best levels of professionalism and service. Our exceptional representation and commitment to clients and the community has seen the work of our solicitors recognised by some of Australia’s most respected institutions.

To make our services available to as many clients as possible, regardless of their financial circumstances, we offer our initial appointment free of charge. After gaining an understanding of your case, we can discuss a fixed fee, a payment plan or the potential for a reduced price (this is decided on a case-by-case basis). We may also offer assistance with Legal Aid matters.

With offices in Blacktown, Parramatta and the Sydney CBD, we are able to work closely with clients across Sydney. You can rest assured the lawyer who represents you will take every step possible to ensure the best possible outcome.

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