Accessing Netflix in Australia is as easy as down under pie

Get with the program

Generation X’ers can recall a time when television went off for the day. That’s right, there was a sign off and then “snow” on the screen for a period of time. When television “started” for the day it began with a pledge and a prayer. This sounds so corny for those in the millennial generation. Just because someone has lived before and during the time of the great technological strides in television doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the infinitum of great programming that exists today.

It just requires an opening of the mind

An Australian Surfshark VPN server lays the foundation for great television viewing, and once you start using it, you’ll never want to look back. Understand that the whole world is going on out there. It’s important to embrace the new technology. Especially when that embrace includes high-quality Australian television entertainment.

Explaining the acronym VPN

Today’s language is inundated with acronyms. Especially when it comes to all of this new technology. Not every Gen X’er knows what a VPN is. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. When accessing television and great movies online, a VPN makes the viewers’ preferences private.  No one wants to be traced when they are utilizing a public Internet connection.

The use of a VPN makes your Internet protocol or IP virtually impossible to trace. According to Norton, a cyber security firm, VPN services also maintain secure and encrypted connections. This privacy is more secure than a Wi-Fi hotspot.

You don’t want to take any chances when it comes to the security of your computer and your browsing. You should be entitled to total privacy, and engaging VPN services is the best way to do that in today’s world.


Swimming with the SVOD, the TVOD, and the FVOD can feel a little OTT

There are many ways to access great Australian television. Netflix happens to be the biggest venue. It continues to tap into the Australian market with vim and vigor. However, Netflix is not alone. When searching for new venues its best to uncover a few acronyms in this space:

  • SVOD is subscription video on demand. Netflix falls into the SVOD category.
  • TVOD is transactional video on demand
  • FVOD is free video on demand
  • OTT is Over The Top or devices that go “over” or beyond the cable box. Services are delivered via internet

Netflix is not the only SVOD in town

In addition to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney and Hulu are other examples of subscription video on-demand services. No matter which one is chosen by the masses, an Australian VPN server should be used. According to Down Under, Netflix is the largest SVOD platform in the United States as well as around the world.

netflix watching with vpn

The best thing about having an Australian VPN server

Everyone enjoys the great programming on Netflix. With an Australian VPN server someone does not have to be limited to even the vastness of Netflix. With the curious minds of today’s earthly inhabitants, one service is never enough. People are able to take advantage of all the different venues. The possibilities are unlimited.

No matter what kind of programming you are interested in – crime drama, animated kids shows, or blockbuster movies – there’s going to be something great for you to find on Netflix. The service even has its own original productions that can only be accessed via their platform, giving you even more of an incentive to subscribe.

Access without the stress

The downside of the limitless possibilities is that the dark web exists. People are trying to access information so that they can steal identity and money. People don’t understand it until it happens to them. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or the fact that one person is at a greater risk than someone else. It is all about access. The technology being developed to enjoy life has an enemy. That enemy is the technology being developed to exploit someone’s information.

Getting an Australian VPN server is as simple as downloading a Netflix app.

How to access “glitch”?

Some of Australia’s top television shows include the Netflix original, “Glitch”, “Tales By Light”, and “Wanted”, according to Down Under TV “Glitch” is a television show with a life after death premise. Seven people come back in perfect health after they have died. Here’s the catch, they have no memory. This may whet someone’s appetite. Getting “Glitch”, as well as other fine fare is easy.

Patience wins the course

When someone is hungry for television, it’s easy to just download the app, pay the subscription fee and BINGE! Acquiring an Australian VPN server should be the first step for those who want to get “Glitch”. That’s why Norton educates visitors to their site about it. Keeping something secure and private from the beginning is easier than doing the housekeeping later.

Using an Australian VPN server doesn’t need to be complicated if you follow the instructions and ensure you remain secure at all stages. A little bit of extra effort at the beginning of the process is going to pay off in spades down the road.

vpn ausse tv netflix

Aussie TV access has never been easier

Yes, Gen-X’ers, television no longer “goes off”. Now, it takes off! The content has become endless. There are not enough hours in the day to watch all the great Australian programming that is being offered now. In this way, television viewers can have an endless supply of entertainment. No one has to suffer through commercials or horrible programming.

The right streaming service program can offer everything at the viewers fingertips. This level of convenience is unprecedented, and is a testament to the widespread success of services like Netflix.

Those were the days

The theme song from the great American classic, “All In The Family” was “Those Were The Days”. This show and many other shows on American television were based on television from abroad. Now everyone can have the best of both worlds! Programming is from everywhere and can be accessed by everyone. There are no more re-runs, unless someone wants to see them. The days of the monopoly of ABC, NBC, and CBS are long gone. Everyone is in competition to bring the best in television programming to all.

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