20 of the most underrated Netflix films you should check out (part 2)

Three weeks ago we started listing down the 20 of the most underrated movies on Netflix that we think you should totally check out. Now we are rounding off that list with the top ten. Homestretch people, we are on the home stretch and some of these are very interesting films. Some you know, some you probably don’t, so here they are:

The Bad Batch (#10)

A woman needs to contend with the elements in a dystopic desert wasteland after she is abducted by savage cannibals who are herded by the enigmatic Miami Man. The story progresses and the woman realizes that good and bad winds down to the company you are with.

Hold the Dark (#9)

A wolf expert is brought to a remote Alaskan homestead to track down man-eating wolves who have recently killed three children. While on the trail, the wolf expert slowly unravels a chilling conundrum.

Dolemite is My Name (#8)

Eddie Murphy is back, and in this film, he plays Rudy Ray Moore, a performer who creates Dolemite, a shocking and outlandish character that becomes a cult sensation and kung-fu star.

The Package (#7)

While on a camping trip during spring break, four teenage boys experience an unexpected accident that jumpstarts an adventure with a countdown of sorts and attempts to save their most prized possession.

Brooklyn’s Finest (#6)

A drug bust alters the lives of three New York cops. over the span of a week, Eddie Dugan, a veteran close to retirement, Sal Procida, a man who has his entire’s family’s future on his shoulders on an ordinary salary, and Clarence Butler whose loyalties are in limbo, being an undercover agent need to figure things out to ensure they come out of their predicament alive.

Wheelman (#5)

A bank robbery goes south and the getaway driver gets double-crossed in the process. He races against time to make sure his family is safe and to uncover who threw him under the bus before time runs out.

Snowpiercer (#4)

When a global-warming experiment fails and wipes out almost all life in the planet, the remaining survivors board a train called the Snowpiercer. The train travels around the world nonstop. Life has become mundane for the survivors until a cryptic message leads them to spark an uprising against those that govern them.

Bad Boys 2 (#3)

Ecstasy (yes, it was at that time) is running rampant in Miami and it is up to two detectives to stop it. Detective Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett attempts to track down the source of the party drug and comes upon Johnny Tapia, a Cuban smuggler who is in the middle of a mob war against Russian and Haitian gangs.

Apostle (#2)

In early 1900s London, Thomas Richardson, a prodigal son of sorts decides to come home only to find his sister is being held hostage for a ransom by a religious cult. Hell-bent on getting her back, Thomas goes to the pastoral island where the cult resides and infiltrates them. He learns that the ‘corruption’ that the cult claims have infected society outside their island has ironically infected their ranks and unravels a sinister secret that he cannot comprehend.

Equilibrium (#1)

In a future where all manner of feeling and emotions are prohibited. A man who is part of the authority has a change of heart and decides to go against the machine and overthrow the system.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
Alain Ang is an editor for Best in Au. He enjoys writing about entertainment, movies, and lifestyle. On off days he spends his time with his rescue dogs, Sansa and Heart, digging holes in Minecraft, and developing his novel.
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