5 tiny living room updates that make a huge difference

Has the charm of your living room faded away? If the answer is “yes”, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. People usually spend most of their time in the living room, and over time, it can stop evoking the feeling of joy and happiness when you come home after a long day at work. In that case, it’s the perfect time for redecoration. Even though your living space may be tiny and you don’t want to splurge, there are still many ways to incorporate small changes that will liven up the room. Here are a few interesting and useful updates that will cast a new light on your living room. 

1. Make some room in your living room.

Even huge living rooms may seem small if there are too many (unnecessary) things lying around. When it comes to small spaces, one of the key decor tricks is to make the room look bigger. Decluttering is probably the easiest and the most effective way to achieve that goal. Take a good look around and collect everything that you haven’t used for a long time. Make three piles, one for things that you can give away, one for possible recycling, and one for things that you’ll throw away. You’ll be amazed by all the free space you’ve ended up with and with how much bigger your living room looks. If you want to go an extra mile, replace your existing furniture with multi-functional one, designed especially for tiny living rooms to make them functional and visually appealing. 

2. Freshen up your walls.

Another fantastic way to brighten up your living rooms is a fresh coat of paint on your walls. Whether you need to remove stains and cracks or you just got bored of their existing colour, giving your walls some TLC will make wonders for the final result. Go for classic white or creamy pastels since they make the rooms look bigger and brighter. Also, they are most easily paired with almost every decor style. Those who don’t feel the need for a change of this kind, a good option is to simply make a statement wall. It can be in a form of wallpaper or a piece of art or even wall sticker carrying a message that you find inspirational or funny. It will rekindle the charm your living room may have lost over the years and make it welcoming. 

3. Bring the outdoors inside. 

Most people find spending time in nature one of their favourite activities in the whole world. It’s not difficult to understand why. Fresh air fills your lungs with oxygen, the sun helps the production of the hormone of happiness while outdoor activities make our entire body stronger. It boosts our mood and it is a great stress-relief method. So, why don’t you bring some of that magical feeling inside our home? If your excuse is forgetfulness, we’ve got you covered. There is a wide range of high-quality artificial plants available, that don’t require any maintenance. They are also a great option if you have pets that tend to chew on your greenery. These plants will instantly make your living room more inviting and fresh. Gorgeous greenery will set the relaxing atmosphere and make your living room your oasis. 

5 tiny living room updates that make a huge difference
Photo: Daria Shevtsova, Pexels.

4. Accessorize.

A fantastic way to change the overall visual appeal of your living room is to change the throw pillows. There are many options available, from velvety ones that will give your room a more luxurious appeal to the cotton ones that go better with a more casual decor style. If you find neutral walls and furniture a bit monotonous, add a splash of colour with your throw pillows. You can match them up with other details like a lamp, vase or curtains. Incorporating details like these into your living room will undoubtedly become an attention-grabbing sight for every visitor that comes to your home. 

5. Work with what you’ve got.

This is true for life and also for redecorating adventures. Sure, it’s great when you can remodel your entire apartment, but that’s not something we can always do. In times when you don’t want to incorporate anything new into your living room, but you still crave some change, try something simple like rearranging of the furniture. If you have limitations when it comes to the size of your room, don’t let get you down. You don’t have to move the sofa or TV. Try playing with coffee table, a rug, memorabilia, and other smaller items. Even the smallest change can make a huge difference in the overall appeal of your living room.


Almost everyone starts craving for a change in their living room decor after some time. No matter the size of the room you live in or the budget, there are numerous simple yet useful ways to make your living room shine again. After all, it should be your sanctuary, so go ahead and make it perfect for you.

Mianna Korben
Mianna Korben
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