Simple chic – a guide to cohesive minimalist decor

In today’s chaotic world, where we have to juggle school, work, children, bills and a social life, it is no wonder that more and more people want to turn their home into a serene oasis where they can jut sit back, relax and de-stress.

Minimalist design and decor is a very popular option for those who want to create a clutter-free, low maintenance and serene space where they can escape the stresses of the day.

The opposite of chaos is minimalist decor. If you are someone who is looking to give your home a minimalist revamp, you’ve come to the right place. Scroll down to read out guide to cohesive minimal decor.

Time to go clutter free!

Step 1 in giving your home a minimalist makeover it to ensure that you get rid of clutter. What exactly is clutter? Well, those piles of old bills, knick knacks on the coffee table, and everything that creates an eyesore is considered clutter. Throw out or give away things you no longer need – whether those include trinkets, excessive amounts of table decorations and gaudy curtains. Sheer curtains are the way to go when it comes to minimalism (here are some examples of cheer curtains).

If there are things you can’t let go of, ensure that they are kept in a place where they can stay out of sight. Be consistent with the process of decluttering – move from one room to another, and then return to your first room to see if there is anything you can eliminate from the space. Step 1 towards cohesive minimalist decor, done!

Select a neutral colour scheme

Minimalism in no way means that you need to surrender to the absence of colour in your home. Instead, it’s all about choosing an neutral colour scheme, and then adding pops of bold colour here and there so that things really stand out. Subdued hues are the best for a base colour scheme, and this includes colours such as white, cream, light gray, or perhaps even a very muted yellow.

Yellow undertones give your room a warmer feel, whilst blue undertones give your space a crisper look. Choose accordingly, depending on what you are looking for. Once you have chosen your base, you can consider adding a bright bold feature wall, or a bold piece of furniture that really shines against your neutral base.

Minimal furniture

It is no surprise that minimal furniture is a key aspect of minimalist decor. A minimalist style room will ideally only have a few pieces of furniture – the absolute essentials, and nothing more. Your living room probably only needs a sofa, coffee table, a simple entertainment stand and perhaps a lamp. In bedrooms, all that is necessary is a bed, a nightstand, and a dresser.

When it comes to the kitchen or dining area, avoid excessive looking dining tables – go for something simple, clean looking and modern looking. Avoid too many items of furniture in your home to truly bring that minimalist zen into your space.

Storage options

As mentioned in the first pointer, things should be kept out of sight. Now, we don’t expect you to be throwing out everything you own in the name of minimalism, but nifty storage options are a fantastic way to keep clutter-free without having to throw all your belongings out. Items such as storage beds, storage sofas and drawers/cabinets instead of open bookshelves are great options when it comes to keeping clutter out of sight.

Many furniture stores now offer a wide variety of storage furniture, so head down to your local store to have a look at what is on offer here is an example from Ikea.

Simple decorations are key

You don’t have to have a sterile looking home, but when it comes to decorations, simplicity is key. A bold piece of artwork on your feature wall is always nice to look at, as are a simple bouquet of flowers in a vase on your coffee table.

Consider accent decorations that double up as functional objects that you use in your day to day living, such as platters or serving trays that not only look aesthetically chic, but also serve a purpose for when you are entertaining with friends and family.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
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