Who to go for first – the e-commerce platform or the Developer

Whenever there is a need to set up your e-commerce business you need to concentrate on which particular software and product you require for your web development. You also need to go through the financial graph that is drawn through all these processes and also the types of equipment required. A person with nil knowledge about e-commerce can also dream of setting his own e-commerce business given he goes understands all the processes that take place in setting the same.

There still exists a great deal of confusion when it comes to first choose between a new e-commerce platform and a platform developer.

An e-commerce platform can be described as application software which will allow your business to commence online and the platform developer is someone who will be responsible for managing that platform in terms of its customization. He is someone who is actually responsible for realizing the power that one web portal has.

There is a great chance that you often get confused about what should be the order- Should I first go for the developer or should I choose the web portal first. Believe me, you are really not wrong at this juncture. It can happen with everyone and at this point, you might not even realize what is this fuss about. So I am giving you the answer by assuming both the possibilities one by one.

When you prefer the app developer first

For a moment let us assume that you went for the developer first. You chose him on the basis of his merit in terms of his competency, solid portfolio and track record, his communication and availability. You must understand that these qualities are the initial requirements and the final goal. You really can’t conclude what you want at first. The only thing you know if you want leads and sales and not the slideshows, widgets and soundtracks.

The important thing I want to point out is that the developer that you have selected might have had the experience of working with some websites previously but what if he is limited to a set of traits thanks to his previous work experiences and fails to adapt to what you want.

Suppose his experience was working with an e-commerce website Primeabgb popular for selling PC components you will have to now buy a website that is similar to Primeabgb. What if that is not what you want? So this choice of yours has limited your options of choosing between the various websites. This, of course, will drastically impact your business.

When you prefer the web platform first

When it comes to choosing a web platform you are aware of complications you will face in terms of extensive availabilities of options out there in the market. You usually go for a web platform that has good shopping cart like Shopify woo commerce etc. The next thing to focus on is SEO, page design etc. and of course the support team if you need some at all.

You need a website that is fast (focusing on the selection of static versus dynamic database and real-time cache), accessible (in terms of your control over markup and design of the pages), integrable with other systems and secure (focusing on payment gateway, tokenization and Payment card Industry compliance).

You need a well structured and well-documented API- with a good interface and good laid out resources. You must make sure that HTTP requests are instantly forwarded to your local dev environment which enables you to look into the requests every time you need. Customer support must be very good. The eCommerce Portal Development community of your website should be very interactive in terms of answering technical questions, offer feedbacks which must be to the point and critical, sharing tips and advice.This all would sum up being very good for you at the end as it will help excel in your e-commerce business.

It all went good because you knew the technicality that went into buying the platform but what if you were unaware of all these? Believe me, there is nothing wrong in not know all the technologies that go behind buying this thing. You obviously are focused on selling your products and not learning the terms like SQL database, stack versions, differences between Shopify and Ecwid, the programming languages.

It’s very good that you know all these but it is not bad if you do not know it.

Here comes the role of a web developer who decides what to choose from.


So you come to the conclusion that you have not come to a conclusion about who to choose first. You want to go for the developer first but he has limited knowledge. You want to go for the website first but you need the developer to give some insights. Here is the dilemma.

So the solution could be that you need to trust a developer or a group of developers while you are going for a website. You need them because they will provide you with suggestions.

If you are running your own business or even handling e-commerce, your involvement at every step is a must. By this, I mean that while you trust your advisors, you must also learn the things your website is good at and also the limitation it has. You must be very critical and conscious while interviewing your advisors. This goes a long way in giving you the success you need.

Amit Agrawal
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