What to expect with our designer swimsuits

Designer swimsuits are essential, with more and more individuals choosing Myra Swim for all their beachwear needs. These beach garments were made with the attention of making women feel alluring and luxurious.


Feel glorious like the beach babe that you are by donning on our impressive selection of our incredible beach wear. Our swimsuits range from a variety of different styles, shades, and cuts, suited to any and every woman based on your personal preference. 

What is Myra Swim? 

Created by Bianca Elouise, Myra Swim was made with the intention of combining her love of the beach, surfing, art, and fashion. She intended on having designer swimsuits that everyone can enjoy. She usually creates her swimwear to suit the retro look of the 80’s and 90’s including styles such as one shoulder, curves, long sleeves, high waisted, thong, and water sports.


A lot of A-class celebrities have been seen wearing Myra Swim, such as Emily Ratajkowski, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Lopez. Myra Swim products are created with the hope of her female customers feeling a sense of self-confidence.


Her products have a gentle silk and spandex blend material to make her customers feel like they are able to flaunt their figure. 


The various classifications of designer swimsuits on offer at Myra Swim Designer swimsuit on a woman at the beach.




We have a range of different fits for our designer swimsuits, depending on your choosing. Our options include minimal, medium, to full coverage. 




We have a variety of different colours our line of designer swimsuits come in, including green, brown, black, and white. There are many others, but all come from a neutral and earthy tone palette. Its minimal colour choices differentiate from its retro look, which normally had more vibrant and bright shades. 




There are many styles to choose from to suit any woman. These styles include high-waisted, sporty, long sleeve, triangle, one shoulder, thong, and for those with bigger busts and are curvy. These many styles of designer swimsuits give unlimited options, where you will most likely find something you like.


Here is why our designer swimsuits differentiates from other beach clothing brands Designer swimsuit model at the beach.


Retro and classic look 


Myra Swim’s designer swimsuits pulls inspiration from the 80’s and 90’s. She uses this style and subverts to make it more modern using neutral shades and a minimal aesthetic. This piece provides a more relaxed approach using athleisure but also highlighting your sexiness.


They use their typical mesh material, high waist, and cuts to overall capturing the attention of anyone looking at the swimwear. 


Soft and gentle material


Myra Swim’s designer swimsuits are created with a combination of spandex and nylon, which easily covers up your body. Although it has tight-fitting, it is incredibly comfortable to wear. This fabric is generally used by athletes such as gymnasts, figure skaters, and swimmers.


When it isn’t put on, it retains its fit and is able to withstand stains and sweat, being able to be durable among harsh conditions. Hence it is possible to use movement such as exercises like swimming.                                                                                                                                                            

Makes any woman look womanly 

Any woman can look sexy with the right swimwear. At Myra Swim, our designer swimsuits combines the features of comfortability and sexiness. This is through the high leg cuts, high waist, and minimal coverage heightening your overall voluptuous appearance. You can definitely feel like the sea goddess that you are.


With the number of styles, shades, and fits, there is a bikini that can suit everyone from all different colours, sizes, shapes and, tastes. These pieces are designed to accentuate the shape of your figure, with every woman able to confidently and gracefully walk along the beach.


Myra Swim offers a range of designer swimsuits perfect for everyone. We have a range of different styles, shades, and cuts that will make you feel majestic.

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