Freezzy Brickz talks about the record label industry and his own record label, Sky Burg Records

Sky Burg Records, a record label company that began in 2013, was founded by Herlens Suffrin, better known by his stage name, Freezzy Brickz. While the record label industry is an incredibly competitive environment, Sky Burg Records has managed to post consistent growth as a full-service music management company. Built on individual passion and a love for music, the company is consistently expanding its alliances with up and coming artists.

Fortunately for us, Herlens was able to take some time out of his schedule and answer a few of our questions.

Herlens, was there a specific moment that ignited your love for music and your desire to be a record label producer? Yes, when I got kicked out of my uncle’s house, I didn’t have anything except a car. I listened to music every day and every night, so music was my everything during that period.

Does Sky Burg Records reflect your own musical tastes and what type of genres do you generally focus on when looking at new artists?  I love any genre when it comes to music. I listen to any kind of music. Each musical genre has their moments ….but most of the time, I’m looking for hip-hop artists.

As a record label producer, do you think it is important to push the boundaries and expand your musical tastes or stick to what you know? Yes, it is important to push the boundaries and expand your musical tastes, that way you won’t become limited. I learn new things from music every single day. I even went to school for music technology just learn more about it.

Are there any plans to expand into new musical genres, and if so, what type? Yes that’s my main goal, to expand into new genres such as afro-beat- house music -pop .

How important is social media engagement for building public awareness for your artists and label? Social media engagement is very important, it is the key to building a fan base. You can’t do it without social media.

Has the record label industry changed significantly in your six-year career thus far? Yes, a lot has changed. The internet has rapidly changed the industry in both positive and negative ways.

How do you imagine the record label industry ten years from now? 10 years from now with the way things are moving and new technology, artist will probably not need record a company.

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