Wedding photography on the big day

You’d probably think hiring a professional wedding photographer is a no-brainer. But there are still some people out there that are convinced their friend or family member will do just as good of a job. These people are probably looking to spend as little money as possible.

Well, I am here to tell you that enlisting the assistance of a friend or family member for photography on your big day will probably end in disaster. Your wedding is something you want to remember forever. And the way to do this is with photographs.

When you look back on your wedding photos do you want to look at high quality images capturing the best moments or low quality blurry images of totally the wrong thing. You should always look to hire a professional for your wedding day. If you are looking to save money, you would be surprised at just how cheap the some wedding photographers are!

If you still aren’t convinced about hiring a wedding photographer, let me give you a couple more reasons:

Photography is more than just an expensive camera/ equipment

Photography requires a certain level of skill and work. Most wedding photographers you find have years of experience. They have developed their skills over an extended period of time and know what it takes to get a good shot, regardless of the type of camera they use. Rest assured, if you hire a wedding photographer, they will be using a top of the range camera.

It is important to have someone who actually knows the ins and outs of a camera. On top of this, someone who knows the impact of lighting etc. on a photograph, who can take stunning photos no matter the condition.

The camera doesn’t do all these things, the photographer does. Just because someone has a fancy camera doesn’t mean they actually know how to use it. When you hire a professional you will also get consistency. You will see a running theme with your photos and the photographer will work hard to ensure every single photo is breathtaking.

The professional is committed

It is their job. They aren’t at the wedding to socialise or be with other family or friends. They are here to take photos of your big day. They are 100% committed. On top of this, if you ask family or a friend to take the photographs you are limiting their time to enjoy the party. They will be spending time taking the photos where they could be partying.

A professional will not get bored; they always work hard to ensure all your expectations are met. You know they will actually turn up on the day and not cancel last minute. They are contractually required to take photographs of your wedding day.

The wedding photographer has experience and you will see better results

A professional knows what it takes to get the shot. As well as this, they know what is important and what isn’t. They probably have many years’ worth of experience. Sometimes it’s not possible to photograph everything. The professional understands this and only focusses on what is actually important.

You get what you pay for when hiring a professional. You should always see great results from a wedding photographer. They have taken the time to understand you and your partners’ story and are able to capture the moments professionally. Your first dance is certainly something you want to remember forever.

Talia Williamson
Talia Williamson
Talia loves all things fashion and beauty. She has dedicated many years of her life towards this industry and she has first hand experience with the best it has to offer. Contact: [email protected]
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