Why is it important to have wedding dance lessons?

With all of the daunting and complicated preparations involved in your wedding, wedding dance lessons may not seem like the biggest priority. You may have heard the phrase ‘everyone knows how to dance’ and while this may be true in more casual contexts, you probably want to know a more sophisticated routine for your big day.

With all your closest friends and relatives at the wedding, you and your future spouse will want to create the best memories you can. While you may think you can learn a basic waltz from the internet, it is nowhere near as effective as actually learning to dance from a professional instructor.

The following details a few reasons why wedding dance lessons are so important for every couple. If you want to make your first dance with your future spouse a pleasant and not embarrassing memory, perhaps wedding dance lessons are necessary.

Be Prepared

Most if not all couples will plan a first dance but not all of them will be prepared for when it actually comes. As much as you love each other, an unprepared couple can look awkward and lacking in chemistry if they are not well rehearsed.

Whether it’s a long or short affair, the first dance will be a moment that all of your guests’ eyes will be on you. This is not only a risk for embarrassment, but an opportunity to dazzle the crowd with a magical routine that sets the tone for the rest of the occasion.

Be Photographed

beginner dance classes
Ensure you make the most out of your wedding photographer by knowing how to dance properly. Photo: Yastremska, Bigstock

You’ll also be giving your photographers and videographers some great material if you can dance well with your partner. You have probably paid a lot of money for these services to document the wedding, so make sure you give them something to work with so you get your moneys’ worth.

The first dance is also probably one of the few times during the wedding you and your partner will have a continuous, uninterrupted amount of time with each other. With no emcee or wedding planner carefully guiding the activity, it’s up to you and no one else to get it right.

Be Confident

Through wedding dance lessons you will also pickup on different styles of dance and certain techniques. Knowing the exact style of dance and how to do it will give you added confidence at your wedding since you know that both you and your partner are able to perform it.

An often overlooked reason to get wedding dance lessons is your ability to dance with other partners. Over the course of the festivities you may be called to dance with an in-law or other guests, and you’ll want to not cause any awkwardness with your lack of practice.

Just because you have historically danced well with your partner doesn’t mean you’ll be good with others and thus learning some general skills is always handy. While the gentlemen may be able to pull off a lot of moves in their wedding suits, the ladies however may have a more restrictive outfit.

This goes especially for the bride as many dress designs limit the range of movement available, and thus the types of dances you can successfully undertake. Wedding dance lessons in your chosen dress will allow you to practice the moves you can do and rule out the ones you can’t, all helping to give you greater confidence in the gown you love.

Be Fit and Healthy

You may not have considered there are also fitness benefits to wedding dance lessons. Learning to move with your partner and taking hours of practice will have you breaking a sweat and ultimately leaving you looking better on the night.

This is not only a great thing for the wedding day, but is a healthy exercise that can be continued well into your marriage. Dancing with your partner also connects you in ways you may never have experienced. Partner dancing is an intimate and trust building exercise that can help your marriage in the long term.

Be in the Moment

wedding dance lessons
Take the stress of wedding planning away by relaxing and having a dance. Photo: Oleg Baliuk, Bigstock

Wedding planning can be an intensely stressful process for both of you and dance lessons can give you a chance to re-connect. Also, knowing that you can both confidently dance together will help settle some of the anxiety before the big day.

Dance lessons will also prepare you and your partner for other social events in the future. Whether it is other weddings or a holiday party, there will be many situations where having some dancing experience with your partner will come in handy. Dance lessons are an investment in your wedding that will actually be useful after the day itself.

Wedding dance lessons are clearly far more important than you or your partner ever realised. Even just a few beginner dance classes will give both of you an increase in confidence leading up to arguably one of the scariest (and momentous) days of your lives.

These dance lessons not only give you the technical skill to impress your guests, but connect you and your partner more closely, helping create some of the most special memories you will share in your lives together.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
Christian is a morning reporter and technology columnist for Best in Australia. Christian has worked in the media since 2000, in a range of locations. He joined Best in Australia in 2018, and began working in Melbourne in 2019.
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