Web design trend: follow it or lead it?

When you are designing a website, it is not always about how good your web design is or how practical it is for you to design it – it is about how convenient and attractive it is for your customers. Designing a website is not only aimed at the design’s look, but at the end result of the design. Now with the growing and improving technology from time to time, new design trends are born. Some designers out there are keeping tabs on the design trends, while some are making the trends. The big question is; should we follow the trends or lead the trends?

Design trends are constantly changing from time to time. Web designers are expected to keep up to date with the changes or the upcoming new trends. That being said, following the trends should be based on the suitability of the business type, clients, industry, as well as the website being designed. That’s why great designers are those who don’t ignore the trends, but not flat out follow it without thinking it through either. So, how about making the trend? Here are a few things you need to consider before following or even making design trends.

Not all trends are to be followed

Good web design is not solely based on the trend itself, but how it can adapt to the always upcoming trends and the changing technology, because changes in technology can include the shift to mobile and other factors that can determine how design works and is implemented. However, your business type is also the main factor you should look at before designing the website for the business. Therefore, while you have to keep tabs on design trends, it doesn’t necessarily have to be you following the trends, because not all trends are really suitable for any business. For example, if your business is a B2B type, then any design with vivid colour and minimalist design might not always be suitable for you. However, if your business is a B2C type that is, for example, selling beauty products, then minimalist design and colourful palette choices are the right ones for your website.

Making trends can make or break your brand

Unfortunately, sometimes we have to accept the fact that not all designers can make or lead the trends, not because they are not capable of making it happen, but it’s because taking the lead is just not the right choice for everyone. Whether you are a web designer yourself, or you are a business owner hiring a web designer, you should understand that while we can’t always lead or flat out follow the trends, we can be a good web designer, and a good web designer knows that they can follow good design practice and trends not only to provide services for the clients but also entertainment for them at the same time.

So, what do we do?

Whether you are a business owner hiring a web designer or you are a web designer, the most important key in a business is always centred on one crucial target – your clients, because you are designing for your clients not for yourself. Even when you like your design, it doesn’t mean your clients like it too. If, as a web designer, your website doesn’t attract more visitors, it would be bad for your clients, and if you, as a business owner, don’t have a well-designed website, your customers will not stay any longer on your website and this can cause a drop in the number of your website’s visitors. Therefore, your clients’ perspective is very important and that will determine the end result of your web design. Yes, when you have finished designing a website, it does not stop there – it is only the beginning. The end result is how your visitors see it and how they react to it.

The bottom line is that we may have to keep tabs on web design trends to adjust our design to those trends and technology; however, following the trends or not depends on our own business type and target audience. Also, be careful if you are thinking about making or leading a trend. If you want to do it, always keep your clients or customers in mind before designing a website for them.

George Papdan
George Papdan
CEO of Papdan.com, a creative agency providing a suite of web development, design, E-Learning, application and mobile solutions, as well as SEO services.
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